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CHINA: Officials Demolish Crosses

CHINA: Officials Demolish Crosses

More than 100 security guards removed two church crosses in Wenzhou, Zhejiang, on 7 July.

At 5am, more than 100 government personnel arrived at Aodi Christian Church and Yinchang Christian Church. Christians in Wenzhou said they came with cranes, broke the church locks, and entered the churches. They also destroyed church property.

Church members at the scene tried to stop the officials, but several security guards beat them, resulting in several injuries. A man in his eighties was shoved to the ground.

When someone tried to call the police, no one answered the phone.

Crosses at both churches were removed. Some Christians prayed and sang hymns outside while the demolition went on.

After the incident, the local government pretended to not know what had gone on. Some Christians now fear Zhejiang could see a second large-scale cross demolition movement, similar to the one that occurred in 2014.

Source: ChinaAid

  • Thank the Lord for the resilience of the church in China.
  • Pray the believers will continue to stand firm on the Word of God and in spite of the increasing opposition, will continue to meet for worship.
  • Pray those directly affected may be healed, comforted and strengthened by the Lord.

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