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MIDDLE EAST: Refugee Remains Faithful Amid Hardships

MIDDLE EAST: Refugee Remains Faithful Amid Hardships

Abdallah, a Syrian refugee in Lebanon, holds fast to his Christian faith despite suffering unemployment, homelessness and persecution from Muslim family members.

Although his father was a committed teacher of Islam, Abdallah was attracted to Christianity at an early age. He said he resisted his first visit to a mosque, which left him with a feeling of “fire coming from my face … as if evils were in front of me.”

Abdallah purchased his first Bible after his father died, but his mother did not approve. “When my 90-year-old mother saw the Bible, she fainted,” he said. His brothers threw the Bible away and forced him to take a pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia. Then, when war broke out in Syria in 2011, the family moved to Lebanon, where Abdallah bought another Bible.

He has had difficulty finding work, however, because of his Christian faith. “Even though I have many problems, I decided to get baptised one year ago,” Abdallah said. “I have really faced many hard situations and I became homeless, but I will never leave my faith.”

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Thank God for the way He has worked in Abdallah’s life. Pray the Lord will provide all his needs and continue to strengthen him spiritually.
  • Pray the Lord will use Abdallah’s testimony as a powerful witness for the Gospel in his local area and beyond. Pray for his protection.
  • Commit to the Lord Abdallah’s family members and pray for their salvation.

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PAKISTAN: Christian Family Claims Their Son’s Murder is Being  Covered Up

PAKISTAN: Christian Family Claims Their Son’s Murder is Being Covered Up

The family of Akash Masih, an 18-year-old Christian who worked at Aman Bakery in Sialkot, Pakistan, claims that their son was murdered by his Muslim co-workers on 24 September. According to Akash’s father, his son was killed because of discrimination and religious jealousy.

“My son was an expert at baking and making shawarma and burgers,” Sarwar Masih, Akash’s father, said. “His expertise was liked by the customers, however, he faced discrimination and religious jealousy at his workplace. He often complained about the unfavourable situation at the bakery, but he continued working to help his family.”

On 24 September, the staff at Aman Bakery informed Sarwar that his son was not feeling well and was taken to the local hospital. When Sarwar arrived at the hospital, he discovered that his son was already dead.

When Sarwar attempted to investigate his son’s death, he was threatened by the Aman Bakery’s administration. “They said, ‘We will teach you a lesson if you go for legal course against us,’” Sarwar said. “We did not get an encouraging response from police either.”

According to Sarwar, police claim that Akash committed suicide. The claim that Akash was murdered has recently gone viral because a video of Akash’s body was released on Facebook. In that video, the signs of torture can be seen on Akash’s back and neck.

So far, Sarwar has been “unsatisfied” with the investigation into his son’s death. His application to exhume Akash’s body for investigation has been denied by the court.

“These are delaying tactics to defuse the evidence against the culprits,” Sarwar said. “Christians face hatred and discrimination even after their death.”

Source: International Christian Concern

  • Pray for justice for Akash and his family and that the truth will come to light. Pray the case will be taken seriously.
  • Ask the Lord to give Sarwar patience and spiritual encouragement. May he be comforted in his grief.
  • Pray the church in Pakistan will be strengthened and will continue to grow in spite of the severe opposition.

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