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NIGERIA: Killing Spree by the Fulani Herdsmen

NIGERIA: Killing Spree by the Fulani Herdsmen

For four days from the 21 June, Fulani herdsman went on a killing spree and wiped out northern Nigerian villages in Plateau state surrounding the city of Jos. At least 200 Christians lost their lives in the massacre.

Currently, over 3,000 survivors have lost their homes and families with no food and no place to go.

Most of the attacks began early in the morning while the victims were asleep. The heavily armed herdsman burned most of the houses with the victims inside. In one case around 120 victims were hacked to death on their way home from a funeral.

This year, over 600 Christians have been killed along the Nigerian middle belt region by the Fulani herdsman.

President Buhari met with state officials, security leaders and traditional leaders on Tuesday 26 June and later said he would not relent in his responsibility to protect the lives of Nigerians.

Sources: World Evangelical Alliance Religious Liberty Commission, Assist News Service

  • Pray for God’s comforting presence upon the victims’ families and for His protection over all innocent civilians.
  • Pray the communities who have suffered will not be tempted to retaliate in any way but display God’s love and forgiveness, even though sorely tested.
  • Ask the Lord to give President Buhari strength, wisdom and leading.
MYANMAR: Civilians caught up in Violence

MYANMAR: Civilians caught up in Violence

At least 10 Christian civilians have been killed and thousands need urgent medical attention in Myanmar’s Kachin State as the fighting between ethnic rebel groups and government troops in a conflict area rages on, according to reports.

The ethnic Kachin civilians were killed in Mansi Township in southern Kachin and in Tanai Township as they sought to flee areas where the fighting is ongoing on, according to Frontier Myanmar.

About 2,000 civilians remain displaced and around 160 people have been “forced to tag along and [stay]” with the military, it reported.

The displaced people are “in dire need of medical treatment as well as rations,” the Rev Mung Dan, a Baptist community leader, told CBN News.

A coalition of 32 Kachin groups have urged the UN Security Council to refer Myanmar to the International Criminal Court.

The fighting, which includes government shelling and airstrikes, escalated in January and re-erupted earlier this month.

Burma army soldiers are at war with armed ethnic minority groups that have been demanding autonomy for decades, including in Karen and Kachin states which are home to a vast number of ethnic minority Christians.

Source: The Christian Post

  • Ask the Lord to intervene to bring an end to the violence and ensure rest and peace in the area.
  • Ask God for His abundant provision for those how have suffered or who are displaced.
  • Pray for justice for all those who have been caught up in the violence.