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PAKISTAN: Released from Bondage

PAKISTAN: Released from Bondage

Due to poverty and lack of education, Christians in Pakistan often borrow money from brick kiln owners. They are then required to work, making bricks, to repay the loan. The size of the loan tends to be small, but the terms are designed to keep it growing indefinitely. The family, including children as young as five, are forced to work at the brick kiln to pay the debt.

VOM’s partner ministry Mercy Home is committed to helping these families and has secured the release of nine families from four brick kilns in the past year.

Mercy Home paid out each family’s total debt, securing their release. On release, each family was supported with rent and living expenses, job training and education.

One of the now free men, Manzoor was sold into slavery by a friend. A welder by trade, Manzoor fell ill, needed money for surgery and borrowed it from a friend – his friend then took him to a brick kiln owner and received the full amount. Manzoor, along with his family, were forced to work in an effort to pay off the debt until Mercy Home secured their release. Manzoor is now working as a farmer hoping to eventually return to his trade.

Source: VOM Contacts, The Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Pray for the families forced into slavery and for Mercy Home as they work towards freeing many others caught in the same difficulty.
  • Ask the Lord to grow His church in Pakistan in number and in faithfulness. Pray for a spirit of unity and love.
  • Though the Christians in Pakistan are frequently poor and downtrodden; pray the believers will find their identity in Christ and be bold in their witness for Him.

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NIGERIA: Aid Worker Killed; Leah “Slave for Life”

NIGERIA: Aid Worker Killed; Leah “Slave for Life”

Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP), the Boko Haram faction currently holding 15-year-old Leah Sharibu, has released a statement claiming to have executed a second Red Cross aid worker during the past month. In the statement, the group claimed that Hauwa Leman, along with Saifura Ahmed (who was killed in September), were apostates because they joined the Red Cross.

As part of the announcement, ISWAP also stated that they would no longer kill Leah Sharibu, as they had earlier threatened. Instead, they vowed to keep her as a “slave for life”. Also held as a slave is Christian UNICEF worker Alice Ngaddah.

The Nigerian government is facing increasing pressure to ensure the safety and release of Leah and others in Boko Haram captivity. Remember Leah, Alice and the other captives in your prayers, as well as their distraught families.

Sources: Daily Post, CBN, The Cable

  • Ask the Lord to intervene on behalf of Leah and the other captives. Ask Him to be their rescuer.
  • Pray for encouragement, hope and comfort to enable these captives and their loved ones to persevere.
  • Pray the Lord will have mercy on the Boko Haram members, to bring about a miraculous change of heart, repentance and faith.