PAKISTAN: High Court in Pakistan Rules in Favour of Underage Marriage
  • 12 February 2020

On Monday, 3 February, the Sindh High Court in Karachi ruled that men in Pakistan can marry underage girls. This ruling, which the two-member bench based on their interpretation of Sharia law, flies directly in the face of the Sindh Child Marriage Restraint Act which forbids marriage below the age of 18. The ruling was […]

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A Father’s Crime
  • 28 October 2019

As villagers watched Ritesh exchange the emptiness of worshipping idols for a relationship with the one true God, they accused him of converting his family to Christianity. For 35 years, Ritesh regularly performed puja at a temple in southern India. Like millions of other Hindus who practise the ritualistic prayer, he lit sticks of incense, […]

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PAKISTAN: Series of Sexual Assaults
  • 05 September 2019

Five young Christian girls have been sexually assaulted in different parts of the province of Punjab in just the last two months. Christian women and girls are among Pakistan’s most vulnerable members of society. In many cases, they are considered soft targets for abuse and assault because they are a double minority. To the assailants, […]

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INDIA: Christian Families Forced to ‘Reconvert’ or be Banished
  • 18 July 2019

Twelve Christian families in eastern India have been faced with an ultimatum by village leaders. They can ‘reconvert’ to the Sarna tribal religion or they can be forever banished from Mahuatoli village, located in the Gumla District of India’s Jharkhand state. The trouble started last month when, on 14 June, a mob attacked the 12 […]

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INDONESIA: Christian Girls Targeted
  • 27 June 2019

In various areas of the world where Islam is dominant, tactics are being used by militants to stop the spread of Christianity. One way is to target young Christian girls. According to Greg Kelley of World Mission, Islamic leaders in Indonesia have been training young men to seduce and impregnate Christian girls, often forcibly. Due […]

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