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PAKISTAN: Father of Kidnap Victim told by Police to be happy for his Daughter’s Conversion to Islam

PAKISTAN: Father of Kidnap Victim told by Police to be happy for his Daughter’s Conversion to Islam

Farah Shaheen, 12, of Gulistan Colony, Faisalabad, was kidnapped, forcefully converted to Islam and married to a 45-year-old Muslim kidnapper, Khizar Hayat, in June.

Farah, who lost her mother five years ago is the second among six siblings.

According to Farah’s father Asif Masih, Khizar took Farah to a nearby mosque and announced that a 12-year-old Christian girl who has now converted to Islam is married to him.

Asif went to the police but rather than receiving help from the authorities Asif was rebuked, dismissed and threatened.

Asif said, “I went to the local police station several times but it was no use. I pleaded with them to bring my daughter back but they refused to take any action against the kidnapper.” One policeman told Asif to forget about his daughter and be happy because she has converted to Islam.

On another occasion, the police threatened Asif, saying that if he ever went retuned to the police station, they would register a blasphemy case against him and he would have to spend the rest of his life in prison.

Protests by Faisalabad’s Christian community finally forced the police to produce Farah in the magistrate’s court. Farah said in her statement that she had married Khizar of her own free will. But Farah had already been in the kidnapper’s custody for months by then and has likely been threatened.

The court completely ignored the fact that Farah is visibly a minor and allowed her to be returned to her abductor.

Asif calls the attitude of the police humiliating and the court’s decision biased as both favoured the kidnapper, because he is Christian.

Asif’s neighbour, Jamal Haider, confirms Asif’s allegations. He said, “Once I accompanied Asif to a village near Hafizabad to meet the young Farah. It broke my heart to see such a little girl forcefully married to such an old man. How can the magistrate allow such an incident to take place?”

Source: Centre for Legal Aid, Assistance and Settlement

  • Ask the Lord for His powerful intervention in this case. Ask for His favour on behalf of Farah, Asif and the Christian community.
  • Pray for the Lord’s protection over Farah’s mind and body. Pray against any evil action against her.
  • Pray those in higher positions within Pakistan’s government will intervene in this case to seek justice, and work against bias and ineptitude within the police.

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PAKISTAN: Hope for Christian Girl who had been Ordered to Stay with her Muslim Abductor

PAKISTAN: Hope for Christian Girl who had been Ordered to Stay with her Muslim Abductor

According to Pakistan’s Minister for Human Rights, the Sindh High Court has ordered Arzoo Raja, a 13-year-old Christian girl, be recovered by police and moved into a shelter home. This comes almost a month after Arzoo’s parents claim their daughter was abducted, forcefully converted, and forcefully married by their 44-year-old Muslim neighbour.

This news comes as a positive development for Arzoo’s parents and the legal team fighting to have her returned to her family. According to the family’s lawyer, Arzoo will be brought before the court on 5 November and will have her age determined through medical testing prior to the hearing. Ali Azhar, her alleged abductor has been arrested.

On 13 October, Arzoo was abducted from her family home in Karachi by her Muslim neighbour, Azhar. Arzoo’s parents reported the incident to local police and were informed two days later that their daughter had converted to Islam and married Azhar.

Arzoo’s parents have challenged the validity of the marriage to Azhar claiming that it violates the Sindh Child Marriage Restraint Act. However, on 27 October, the High Court of Sindh ruled in favour of the marriage, applying an interpretation of Sharia law that allows for underage marriages.

Sources: International Christian Concern, Pakistan Christian Post

  • Thank the Lord for this answered prayer and pray for a favourable outcome for Arzoo and her family. Ask the Lord to shield and strengthen Arzoo as the ordeal continues.
  • Pray He will provide his ministering Spirit to bring healing to Arzoo, to help her to overcome the trauma she has suffered.
  • Ask the Lord to bring conviction to her abductor, his family and those involved in the unjust High Court case.

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UGANDA: Christian Boy Feared Killed in Ritual Sacrifice

UGANDA: Christian Boy Feared Killed in Ritual Sacrifice

Sulaiman, a former Imam in eastern Uganda, became a Christian in 2017 and led his two young children to Christ. In July 2018, Sulaiman’s son, then aged 11, and daughter, then aged 13, disappeared from their home.

On 16 September, police rescued Sulaiman’s daughter from a well-known witch doctor named Isifu Abdullah, known for human sacrifices.

Abdullah reportedly took the daughter as his wife. Her brother was not found by police and it is feared that he may have been killed in a ritual sacrifice.

“We are mourning for our son who is alleged to have been sacrificed,” Sulaiman said. “We are mourning with my daughter, who has been used as a sex object by the Muslim shaman.”

A local woman, said to be a radical Muslim, opposed Sulaiman’s conversion to Christianity. Locals believe this woman is behind the abduction and sale of his children.

Abdullah is one of many witch doctors who are known to sacrifice humans using children’s blood, tissue, or organs in the belief that it will bring protection or good fortune.

Source: Morning Star News

  • Ask the Lord to bring His healing presence to Sulaiman’s daughter. Pray He will help her to overcome all she has suffered.
  • Pray for justice for this family and ask God to bring comfort to those who mourn over this tragedy.
  • Pray the Lord will frustrate the plans of Isifu Abdullah and all others involved, so they will be restrained from perpetrating evil.

Post your prayer in the comments below.

PAKISTAN: Another Teenage Christian Girl Abducted

PAKISTAN: Another Teenage Christian Girl Abducted

Saneha Kinza Iqbal, a 15-year-old Christian girl, was abducted by Saeed Amanat, a 30-year-old Muslim man, on her way to church in Faisalabad, Pakistan.

The abduction reportedly took place on 22 July, however, Saneha’s family was only able to file a report with local police on 19 August because officers initially refused to cooperate with the Christian family.

Saneha’s family fears their daughter has been added to the extensive list of Christian girls who, after being abducted and forcibly converted to Islam, are forcibly married to Muslim men.

Saeed Amanat, Saneha’s abductor, is a security guard at the Allied Hospital in Faisalabad. On 2 June, Rukhsana Bibi, Saneha’s mother, injured her hip and was hospitalised at Allied Hospital. Saneha would often visit her mother at the hospital, allowing Amanat to meet and become familiar with Saneha.

On 22 July Saneha went to church for morning prayers but never returned. Her family asked neighbours if they had seen Saneha and some said she was seen in a car with strangers. Later, a neighbour confirmed that one of the men in the vehicle was Amanat.

Waseem Morris, Saneha’s brother, met with Amanat’s father in an attempt to have Saneha returned to the family. At first, Amanat’s father promised she would be returned, but several days later, Amanat’s father changed his mind.

After this refusal, Saneha’s family began receiving threatening phone calls. These phone calls, made by Amanat, threatened Saneha’s family if they made any attempts to have Saneha returned home.

According to a 2014 study by The Movement for Solidarity and Peace Pakistan, an estimated 1,000 women and girls from Pakistan’s Hindu and Christian community are abducted, forcefully married to their captor, and forcibly converted to Islam every year. The issue of religion is also often injected into cases of sexual assault to place religious minority victims at a disadvantage. Playing upon religious biases, perpetrators know they can cover up and justify their crimes by introducing an element of religion.

Sources: Asia News, International Christian Concern

  • Intercede for Saneha and her family. Pray for favour as they deal with the authorities. Pray she will soon be restored to her family.
  • Pray that, in the meantime, the Lord would protect and preserve them and give them His peace and strength.
  • Pray the authorities in Pakistan will do more to protect Christian girls from kidnappers and will pursue justice for affected families. Ask the Lord to soften the heart of Amanat.

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PAKISTAN: Kidnapped Christian Girl remains Trapped

PAKISTAN: Kidnapped Christian Girl remains Trapped

Christian teenager Huma Younus, who was kidnapped and forced into an Islamic marriage last year, is now pregnant and being confined to one room by her abuser.

Recently, Tabassum Yousaf, a lawyer representing Huma’s parents, informed them by phone that she was pregnant after being repeatedly raped by the man who abducted her.

“Asked by her father if she could leave her abductor’s house and return to her parents’ home, she told him that she is not allowed to leave the house and that her life has become still more difficult,” Yousaf was quoted as saying. “She is now imprisoned within the walls of one room.”

Younus was taken from her home in October 2019, at the age of 14, and later forcibly married to a radical Muslim man named Abdul Jabbar.

In February, the high court ruled the marriage was legal under sharia law. There has been a delay in the appeal due to the pandemic.

The marriage violates the Child Marriage Restraint Act, which forbids the marriage of girls aged 18 and younger. Although the law was passed in 2014, it has not yet been applied.

Sources: The Christian Post, Aid to the Church in Need

  • Pray for Huma and her family who have been forced to endure this unbearable situation. Uphold Huma’s physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.
  • Ask the Lord to intervene and change the heart of her captor.
  • Pray the authorities will do more to ensure justice and mercy for Huma and her family. Pray for the protection of vulnerable girls and women throughout Pakistan.

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