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LAOS: Father Expels and Threatens Sons for Attending Church

LAOS: Father Expels and Threatens Sons for Attending Church

A teenager and his younger brother were kicked out of their home recently for attending church.

Chan and Huang were in a church service outside Vientiane on 24 May when their father burst in and began swearing at them. He told them to stop worshipping and go home. Members of the congregation prevented the boys’ father from hitting them, but he later cursed at them some more and threw them out of the house.

After the boys took refuge at the home of their pastor, their father continued to threaten them, even painting threats on the family home, saying, “I do not want to see you at all; heed this if you do not want to die!” The boys stayed with a VOM-supported evangelist for several weeks until their father demanded they return to help him plant rice. “He needed them to farm,” a VOM contact said. “If there was no rice, there would still be threats.”

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Pray the Lord will provide Chan and Huang with gracious words and courage to be His witnesses, even in in the midst of strained family relationships.
  • Ask God to protect Chan and Huang and pray for reconciliation between the boys and their father.
  • Pray that these boys will sense the abiding presence of the Holy Spirit, giving them a deep peace and joy.

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