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NIGERIA: Seventeen Dead after Fulani attack on Christian Village

NIGERIA: Seventeen Dead after Fulani attack on Christian Village

Fulani militants have continued their killing spree in north and central Nigeria with a brutal attack on a Baptist village in Kaduna last Tuesday night.

Seventeen people died in a midnight raid on Gonan Rogo village, near Makyali – including a married couple and their three children.

Villagers were asleep when Fulani set upon them with guns and knives. Seven children were among the dead. Six people were injured, including a baby whose skull was penetrated by a bullet that killed her mother.

The attackers met with no resistance, despite the presence of a military checkpoint nearby.

Sources: Stefanos Foundation, Release International

  • Pray for the shocked and grieving villagers in Gonan Rogo. Pray they will look to the Lord and seek His ministering presence, comfort and strength.
  • Uphold the injured as they come to terms with their ordeal. Pray they will be provided with appropriate medical care and with the Lord’s help, receive complete healing.
  • Ask God to give state and national authorities wisdom and firm resolve to end a crisis that has continued for years. Pray for the perpetrators.

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NIGERIA: Militants Murder Christian Children

NIGERIA: Militants Murder Christian Children

Fulani herdsmen, a tribe known for its strict adherence to Islam, have attacked Christian villages for many years, and in the last two years they have committed more acts of extreme violence against Christians than any other group globally.

In the latest attack on 14 April, armed Fulani militants shouting, “Allahu akbar” [Allah is greater] surrounded a village close to the state capital, Jos. Firing their guns, they drove the villagers out and killed them as they fled – including three small children.

“The attackers appeared from different directions in large numbers and set many houses ablaze,” said one witness.

One heavily pregnant villager, Victoria John, fled with another pregnant woman, who was trying to escape with her five-year-old child.

“The child was screaming,” she continued. “She slipped and fell and they killed her.”

They burned down 21 houses and killed nine villagers including a 50-year-old grandfather, Sunday, his five-year-old grandson, Luka and Talatu, who was pregnant, along with her three-year-old child. They were buried on 15 April.

Many thousands have been driven from their homes by the heavily armed Fulani, whose attacks are provoking an exodus of Christians from the north and Middle Belt of the country. Despite the on-going attacks, the Nigerian government has done little to protect its Christian villagers.

Sources: Release International, Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Pray for those suffering grief and loss and those who are fearful. Pray the Lord of comfort may bring His peace to those who are suffering.
  • Ask God to bring protection to vulnerable communities and pray He will provide the authorities with wisdom and motivation to bring an end to the unrest.
  • Ask the Holy Spirit to bring great conviction and repentance to members of Fulani communities.

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NIGERIA: Dozens Slain in Ongoing Violence

NIGERIA: Dozens Slain in Ongoing Violence

Human rights organisations monitoring the ongoing violence taking place against Christians in Nigeria are now raising concerns of an imminent genocide.

More than 50 believers have been killed in the month of March and over a dozen more during the first week of April. Since the beginning of 2020, at least 410 Christians have been murdered. Most of the violence was perpetrated by jihadist Fulani militants.

In one recent incident, the predominantly Christian village of Ancha had its eighth attack in three years on 31 March. According to one witness, militants entered the village during the night, then began shooting and burning houses. Three victims were slain in that attack.

“We are in great distress here,” laments Ishaya, a Christian survivor. The next day, the village of Hukke was also raided. Seven Christians were killed and 24 houses were destroyed. Various other villages were invaded on the same day.

Sources: Intersociety-NG, International Christian Concern, The Christian Post, Morning Star News

  • Intercede for Nigerian believers who are under the threat of relentless attacks.
  • Ask for God’s intervention in the midst of this turmoil and for His presence to provide comfort and provision for those affected.
  • Pray for the governing authorities who need wisdom as they attempt to restrain these militants from causing further suffering, destruction, and loss of life.

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NIGERIA: Violence Against Christians Continues

NIGERIA: Violence Against Christians Continues

Thirteen members of a church in the Plateau state of Nigeria were killed by armed Muslim Fulani herdsmen on Wednesday 8 January. On the same day, four students were kidnapped from a Catholic seminary in Kaduna state.

“They were shooting with guns in all directions, forcing the villagers to scamper into surrounding bushes,” Michael Mutding, 40, who lives in the area, wrote in a text message. “Corpses of those killed have been evacuated by soldiers and police to the mortuary of Mangu Cottage Hospital; and all the victims are members of COCIN.”

About 1,000 believers were killed by Islamic militants during 2019, according to a report from Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust (HART) about the persecution of Nigeria’s Christian community.

Sources: Morning Star News, Assist News Service

  • Ask God to comfort the victims’ families in their grief. Pray He will give them the strength to endure this time of great suffering. Intercede for the captives.
  • Pray the church in Nigeria will be given the continued willingness to speak out against retaliation and spread forgiveness.
  • Pray the Christians in Nigeria and all over the world will pray for salvation of the Fulani and Boko Haram Muslims.

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A New Hope this Christmas

A New Hope this Christmas

Attacks on farming villages in Nigeria’s north and central regions by semi-nomadic Muslim Fulani cattle herders have devastated the lives of tens of thousands of people, blighting the future for children like Mafeng Dauda.

When Mafeng was nine years old, his mother was murdered in a Fulani attack on Bangai, his village in the Riyom region of Nigeria’s Plateau State. Mafeng does not know his father. After the death of his only parent, Mafeng lived with his grandmother at Bangai. They had nowhere else to go.

Fulani attacked Bangai again and Mafeng’s grandmother’s house was burnt to the ground. Mafeng and his grandmother were moved to a temporary displaced persons camp in a church closer to Riyom town.

Camp life was difficult; there was not enough food. It was the dry season when cold northern winds blow endless dust in from the Sahara. They had no warm clothes; there was not enough firewood; many people were ill and there was no medical help available.

It was Christmas time when Mafeng and his grandmother slowly travelled back to Bangai after peace had returned to the area. There was nothing left for them. They were forced to sleep on the floor of a neighbour’s house. That house had also been looted and little remained.

On Christmas Day Mafeng and his grandmother went to church. Then they went to the village field to celebrate Christmas with those who had been able to find their way back to the decimated village. Thankful to God for being alive, they shared the little they had. They then faced the difficult task of rebuilding and replanting.

In August this year, Mafeng, now 14, was brought by friends to our partner mission Christian Faith Ministries (CFM) to enable him to attend school again. He had not been to school since the first attack, five years ago, when he was nine. He does not care that he is in a class with eight-year-olds. He does not mind that he has so much catching up to do. He is thankful to God to be in a safe and loving environment and to be in school again.

This year, when Mafeng goes back to Bangai to spend Christmas with his grandmother he will be able to bring gifts with him, and best of all, both Mafeng and his grandmother will have hope for his future.

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