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COLOMBIA: Pastor Killed, Leaving the Church ‘Terrified’

COLOMBIA: Pastor Killed, Leaving the Church ‘Terrified’

Pastor Leider Molina, 24, had just finished preaching in his church in Caucasia, Antioquia state in north-west Colombia, on Friday 9 February. As he stepped outside, he was hit by five bullets.

Molina was known as a passionate preacher and an active youth leader working for his church and city, 670km north of the capital Bogotá, according to one local source.

The Caucasia region has suffered an escalation in violence for the last 4 months, according to the source. Armed groups fight for control of drug trafficking routes and the ownership of illicit crops.

“Communist guerrillas, paramilitary groups, criminal gangs and drug cartels all see the church as an enemy to be eradicated because, thanks to the preaching and courageous action of leaders and pastors, many young people have renounced armed conflict and illegal activities,” the source said.

Last September two other pastors in the region were killed. Pastor Galarza, a social and religious leader, was shot dead in front of his family. Pastor Elfren Martínez Pérez, 55, was murdered outside his home after he refused to help members of a neo-paramilitary group with transport.

The church in the area is terrified, according to the source. “Some Christians have fled with their families, while others have decided to stay awaiting government intervention. Church leaders, however, continue their work despite the death threats,” said the source.

Despite the 2016 peace agreement between the Colombian government and the country’s largest armed group, the FARC, killings have not stopped.

Source: World Watch Monitor

  • Pray the Lord will comfort, strengthen and provide for the loved ones of Pastor Molina, Pastor Galarza and Pastor Martínez.
  • Pray for pastors, evangelists, church members and other innocent civilians in the area; that the Lord would extend His protective arm towards them. Pray for continued effective Gospel ministry.
  • Ask the Lord to provide wisdom and strength to those in authority and members of the military as they seek to protect locals and bring an end to the violence.

Post a prayer in the comments below.

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Alex Leads Attacker to the Lord and Continues to Fight for Justice

Alex Leads Attacker to the Lord and Continues to Fight for Justice

In 2008, Alex was on his way to work at a banana plantation in Colombia when armed guerrillas boarded the bus he was on and drove it to a remote location before forcing everyone off the bus and making them kneel before shooting each one of them.

Surprisingly, despite being shot in the face and leg, Alex survived the attack and was the only passenger found alive. He recalls finding strength during the attack and wishing he could have told his attackers about God — even in the moments after he had been shot.

After his recovery, Alex joined a prison ministry where he ran into a prisoner named Ismael, and realised this was the very man who had shot him years before. Alex eventually led Ismael to the Lord.

Alex now continues to serve in prison ministry. Recently, he decided to go to law school, and he intends to spend his career helping those who are falsely imprisoned.

Despite good health, Alex’s eyesight has deteriorated as he lost an eye during the attack. Thankfully, the law school he chose can make accommodations for him such as offering oral exams instead of written ones.

As a result of the peace process in Colombia, many former guerrillas, including Ismael, were pardoned and released from prison.
Ismael needed a place to live so Alex asked him to move into his place. The former guerrilla and his victim are now roommates.

We originally told Alex’s story in 2008; this is the most recent update. You can view the story of Alex online at

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