INDIA: Christian Families Forced to ‘Reconvert’ or be Banished
  • 18 July 2019

Twelve Christian families in eastern India have been faced with an ultimatum by village leaders. They can ‘reconvert’ to the Sarna tribal religion or they can be forever banished from Mahuatoli village, located in the Gumla District of India’s Jharkhand state. The trouble started last month when, on 14 June, a mob attacked the 12 […]

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INDIA: Christians Fear Increased Persecution Under BJP’s Second Term
  • 10 July 2019

Christians across India fear that persecution will continue to increase now that the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has secured a second term in power. According to local monitors, a new wave of threats and intimidation have been reported since the BJP recorded a landslide victory in India’s national elections in May. “A second […]

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INDIA: Released After Ten Years!
  • 13 June 2019

When the popular Hindu swami (religious leader), Lakshmanananda Saraswati, was killed in August 2008, Maoist rebels claimed responsibility for the attack. Despite this claim, Hindu militants turned their anger towards the Christians of Odisha state (then known as Orissa). Riots exploded, particularly in the Kandhamal district. Hundreds of Christians were massacred, thousands were forced to […]

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INDIA: Election Results Raise Concerns for Christians
  • 06 June 2019

As more than 600 million citizens cast their ballots in the Indian general election, Christians and members of other religious minorities had added concerns about the outcome. Those concerns were realised after the results came in, for the Hindu-nationalist BJP party captured 303 of the 543 eligible seats. No other party had secured the minimum […]

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INDIA: Prayer Needed for Upcoming election
  • 11 April 2019

India’s 2019 general election will take place in seven phases from 11 April to 19 May. The new parliament will be announced on 23 May. The Hindu nationalist BJP has ruled with a simple majority for the past five years. Its electoral success is the culmination of decades of strategic advance by highly organised Hindu […]

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