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CHINA: Restrictions Imposed on Hmong Christians

CHINA: Restrictions Imposed on Hmong Christians

Chinese authorities have placed prohibitions on Hmong Christians living in the nation.

These people have been forbidden from using Hmong-language Bibles or preaching in Hmong. They also have been ordered not to share stories about missionaries.

Missionaries revolutionised China’s Hmong population, developing their written language for the purpose of Bible translation.

Source: ChinaAid

  • Commit to the Lord these believers. Pray they will be strengthened in their faith and in no way be discouraged.
  • Pray they will be all the more determined to follow Christ and take every opportunity to make Him known.
  • Thank the Lord that no plans of men can stop His word from being preached.

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VIETNAM: Christians Repeatedly Beaten and Arrested

VIETNAM: Christians Repeatedly Beaten and Arrested

For many years, Christians living in the highlands of Vietnam have faced persecution and harassment from both government agents and fellow citizens.

In this communist country, where Christianity is considered a threat to the regime, Hmong Christians face frequent discrimination ─ to the point of imprisonment and torture.

In the village of Phá Lóm, a group of 33 Protestant believers have experienced ongoing harassment from authorities during recent months. According to their pastor, Hoang Van Pa, they have been told to renounce their faith or suffer the consequences. When the believers refused, the raids took place repeatedly. In addition, four of the believers were arrested and beaten.

In one instance, the Christians were brought to an open trial before others in the community. During the trial, a statue of Buddha was brought to them and they were ordered to bow down before it. At the trial, one of the authorities announced that since there was no Protestant religion in Vietnam, they must convert to Buddhism or be expelled from the country.

This is not a new threat. In 2018, more than 100 Hmong believers were expelled from their homeland and made their way to Thailand, where they have applied for refugee status.

Sources: International Christian Concern, The Christian Post

  • Pray these believers will find the grace and strength of God to stand firm.
  • For those facing expulsion; ask the Lord to divinely lead them to a new place where they can live, work and worship Him as part of a community of believers.
  • Pray for those currently opposed to the Gospel in these communities. May God’s Spirit also work in their lives so they too, will discover the love of Christ.

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VIETNAM: Hmong Christians Hospitalised After Mob Attack

VIETNAM: Hmong Christians Hospitalised After Mob Attack

Four Vietnamese Christian families – 24 people in all – have been attacked by a mob led by the village chief, local sources have revealed.

Four people were hospitalised for eight days after the 1 March attack, with injuries to their heads and arms.

All four families are from the Hmong people group and only recently converted to the Christian faith.

The provincial authorities had advised them against continuing with their newfound faith and village leaders told them that unless they renounce Christianity they will be forced to leave their village.

The families’ pastor is understood to be in talks with local authorities about the incident.

Among the one million Hmong in Vietnam, there are an estimated 400,000 Christians – a higher proportion than in Vietnam’s population as a whole (about 9%). The religious transformation of the people group has been described as “remarkable”. The Hmong, just like Vietnam’s other Christians, face threats to their religious freedom through the government’s new Law on Belief and Religion, which came into effect this year and has, so far, been used to criminalise a Catholic mass.

Vietnam’s Hmong live mainly in the country’s northwest and central highlands.

Sources: World Watch Monitor

  • Ask the Lord to bring complete healing to those who are injured. Pray the Lord may comfort and strengthen these believers who have suffered so soon in their Christian walk.
  • Ask the Lord to give wisdom to the pastor as he speaks with the authorities and also as he councils the families.
  • Thank the Lord for the conversion of so many Hmong believers. Pray they will continue to be bold in speaking the Gospel.


VIETNAM: Two Women Forced to Leave their Home

VIETNAM: Two Women Forced to Leave their Home

‘Mai Bao’ and her husband spent years seeking healing for her illness before finally asking a Christian to pray for her. After she was healed, Mai Bao decided to give her life to Jesus. But the rest of her Hmong community saw her change of faith as a rejection of their values.

Both the villages and the village leader tried to pressure her to give up her new faith, but Mai Bao refused to deny Christ. Finally, her husband beat her and kicked her out of her home. She and her sister-in-law, who she had also led to Christ, were forced to live with a relative on a farm outside the village.

When VOM contacts visited them, the women said they were grateful for the encouragement and the food that other believers brought.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Thank the Lord for the faithfulness shown by Mai Bao under such difficult circumstances. Ask the Lord to continue to strengthen her and her sister-in-law.
  • Pray that Mai Bao’s husband will turn to Christ and that their example will influence their whole village.
  • Intercede for the Hmong community in Vietnam. Ask the Lord to further grow His church in faithfulness, courage and love for one another and their neighbours.
Machete Attack – by his own brother!

Machete Attack – by his own brother!

The waters had risen over the bridge making it virtually impossible to cross, especially with his children riding pillion. The children got off their father’s motorbike and ran ahead to the church while Thao struggled to push his motorbike through the water. Thao however, was not prepared for what was about to happen. Suddenly, he felt a stinging blow to his back and as he turned raising his arm to defend himself, the machete came down slicing his forearm badly. The machete came down again, this time slicing into Thao’s cheek but the biggest shock was not from the severity of the attack but the identity of the perpetrator, it was Thao’s older brother.

A small church in northern Vietnam was established in 2012 and became a beacon of light to the Hmong community of idol worshipers and those practising witchcraft. After three years of Thao searching for truth, together with his family, they gave their lives to Jesus and turned away from their old cultural ways. Their decision shocked their relatives, especially his older brother who rebuked him. Supported by the dictates of the government, Thao’s brother felt justified – even confident, to persecute all Christians in his area, including his brother and family.

Being family made no difference to him, he hated Christians and would be the government’s champion in preventing the church from growing. Always looking for ways to persecute the Christians, Thao’s brother announced, “I will continue to persecute Christians as long as I live. I even have the backing of the government and nothing will stop me.”

Blood shed on the Sabbath
Leaving his motorbike on the bridge, Thao ran as fast as he could into the church bleeding heavily from his wounds. His brother chased him but Thao was now safe inside and church members tried to stop the bleeding. When it was safe, they took Thao to a hospital.

At the hospital, the authorities spoke with Thao asking whether he would press charges against his brother. He said “No, I forgive him.”

Thao’s angry brother continues to look for ways to persecute the Christians in his village. However, the church is praying for him and the salvation of his whole family.

The damage to Thao’s wrist was severe. Many tendons may have been damaged. VOM Australia has provided funds so Thao can visit a specialist to ensure a thorough examination is completed, we will then fund any further treatment he requires.

Please pray that Thao will receive the specialised medical treatment he needs and that his family will be protected from further attacks.