VIETNAM: Christians Repeatedly Beaten and Arrested
  • 24 January 2019

For many years, Christians living in the highlands of Vietnam have faced persecution and harassment from both government agents and fellow citizens. In this communist country, where Christianity is considered a threat to the regime, Hmong Christians face frequent discrimination ─ to the point of imprisonment and torture. In the village of Phá Lóm, a […]

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VIETNAM: Hmong Christians Hospitalised After Mob Attack
  • 22 March 2018

Four Vietnamese Christian families – 24 people in all – have been attacked by a mob led by the village chief, local sources have revealed. Four people were hospitalised for eight days after the 1 March attack, with injuries to their heads and arms. All four families are from the Hmong people group and only recently converted […]

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VIETNAM: Two Women Forced to Leave their Home
  • 10 August 2017

‘Mai Bao’ and her husband spent years seeking healing for her illness before finally asking a Christian to pray for her. After she was healed, Mai Bao decided to give her life to Jesus. But the rest of her Hmong community saw her change of faith as a rejection of their values. Both the villages […]

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Machete Attack – by his own brother!
  • 21 July 2017

The waters had risen over the bridge making it virtually impossible to cross, especially with his children riding pillion. The children got off their father’s motorbike and ran ahead to the church while Thao struggled to push his motorbike through the water. Thao however, was not prepared for what was about to happen. Suddenly, he […]

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