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PAKISTAN: Victim’s Family Goes into Hiding

PAKISTAN: Victim’s Family Goes into Hiding

Marilyn Asif, along with her four young children, has had to flee for safety after her husband Asif Pervaiz was sentenced to death for blasphemy.

Asif, 37, has already spent seven years in jail after a blasphemy case was filed against him in 2013. He was given the death penalty on 8 September.

The case against Asif was brought after the Christian refused to take part in Muslim prayers at his factory or convert to Islam.

Asif lost his phone, which was later used to send a so-called blasphemous text message to his supervisor at work. Asif believes the text was actually sent by his accuser to incriminate him.

Asif’s wife is fearful for the safety of her children.

The case has echoes of that of Asia Bibi, who languished in jail for eight years awaiting the death penalty before her lawyer had the case thrown out by the Supreme Court. A price was put on Asia Bibi’s head and her family were driven into hiding.

After the Supreme Court overturned the verdict, mobs brought cities to a standstill, calling for the army to mutiny and overthrow the government. After Asia was released, she and her family had to leave the country.

Asif has the same lawyer as Asia, Saif ul Malook, a Muslim who risks his life to defend Christians.

VOM’s ministry partner Release International is helping Asif and his family.

Source: Release International

  • Pray the Lord’s protection will be upon Asif, Marylin and their children. Pray they will see the Lord’s merciful hand at work in their daily lives so that they will not despair but continue to trust in Him during this trying time.
  • Praise God for the courage and kindness of Saif ul Malook. Ask the Lord to provide him with immeasurable spiritual blessing. Pray too for favour and wisdom as he defends Asif.
  • Pray the nation of Pakistan will bring change to its notorious blasphemy laws and guard against injustice.

Post your prayer in the comments below.

COLOMBIA: Evangelist and Former Rebel in Hiding

COLOMBIA: Evangelist and Former Rebel in Hiding

A frontline evangelist and former rebel is in hiding after learning that members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) are looking for her.

Sara Gómez joined the FARC as a teenager but later left the group and became a Christian. For the past decade, she has passionately shared the Gospel wherever she goes. Because of her active witness, she has been displaced several times.

Recently, during lockdown due to COVID-19, FARC members took advantage of the light military presence to target former comrades who had become Christians.

When Sara learned that FARC members were going house to house in her town killing those who had left the group, she quickly fled the area. She and her family are sleeping in a church until it is safe to return. She told a VOM worker that she is thankful because “she has not been hungry or without shelter.”

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Please pray for the protection of Sara and her family as well as others who may be targets.
  • Thank the Lord for Sara’s evangelism efforts. Pray that God will continue to use her mightily for His glory and the expansion of His kingdom in Colombia.
  • Pray for members of the FARC, that many of them will have an opportunity to hear the Word of God and be transformed by His grace.

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