INDIA: Pastor Faces Charges After Being Beaten
  • 19 December 2019

A pastor and his family are facing police charges after Hindu militants beat them. Eight assailants, including a police officer, entered the family home in Parihara, Jharkhand in the early morning of 12 November. Others joined in, beating members of the family with an axe, bamboo rods and wooden sticks. Pastor Basant Kumar Paul, who […]

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INDIA: New Believer Persecuted over Rumours of Paid Conversions
  • 12 December 2019

Aarav came to faith in Christ after experiencing healing from an illness when a local minister prayed for him. When Aarav invited the minister and his family to his home, about 50 members of a militant Hindu group gathered there and began shouting and banging on the doors. The pastor called the police, who came […]

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INDIA: Pastor’s Family Narrowly Escapes Extremist Mob
  • 14 November 2019

A pastor and his family in north-east India had a narrow escape when Christian villagers managed to head off a violent attack by extremists. The mob brandishing swords, bricks and rods were minutes away from reaching the family after smashing their way into their home in Bihar state and threatening to kill them. Pastor Palathingal […]

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A Father’s Crime
  • 28 October 2019

As villagers watched Ritesh exchange the emptiness of worshipping idols for a relationship with the one true God, they accused him of converting his family to Christianity. For 35 years, Ritesh regularly performed puja at a temple in southern India. Like millions of other Hindus who practise the ritualistic prayer, he lit sticks of incense, […]

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INDIA: Pastor Beheaded by Radical Communists
  • 24 October 2019

Members of India’s Naxalite political group have killed another evangelist in India’s Odisha state. Pastor Saanvi had shared the Gospel in villages near his home for the past six years as a bi-vocational minister, even planting house churches in two of the villages. Though members of the local Naxalite group, who subscribe to a Marxist-Leninist […]

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