INDIA: Christian Family Hospitalised After Brutal Attack
  • 10 October 2019

Four Christians, including a retired pastor, have been seriously injured as a result of a brutal mob attack in northern India. The mob of Hindu radicals attacked a Christian family’s home in Gurgaon, located in India’s Haryana state, on 22 September. The attack started when approximately 30 Hindu radicals stormed the home of Pastor Mangala. […]

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INDIA: Christian Couple Threatened
  • 26 September 2019

On 15 September, two Indian Christians, Leo Johnson and his wife Jenifa, were intimidated and threatened in the residential area of Bombay Castle, Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu state. The couple had spent the day in the area distributing Christian tracts to homes. As they were making their way back home, they were stopped and questioned by […]

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INDIA: Hindu Radicals Demand Death for Organisers of Christian Film Screening
  • 12 September 2019

Around 100 Christians were attacked by Hindu radicals on 23 August for watching the Christian film He Will Come Again in the home of a Christian woman in Jamalpur village, located in India’s Bihar state. The screening of the Christian film incited Hindu radicals to not only attack the local Christians, but also demand the […]

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INDIA: Government to Introduce Anti-Conversion Bill to Parliament
  • 14 August 2019

The BJP-led government is preparing to introduce a nationwide anti-conversion bill in the next session of parliament. Many religious minorities in India, including Christians, fear the enactment of such a law because of the widespread abuse of similar state-level anti-conversion laws. The government has already started drafting a bill that will prevent any kind of […]

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Beaten Body, Bold Witness
  • 28 July 2019

In 2016 Pastor Kabir was dragged off a bus on his way home from church and brutally beaten while attackers repeatedly asked him to deny Christ. During the attack he stood firm in his faith, continually saying, “I am going to serve the Lord only.” Pastor Kabir finished leading a prayer service at Saviour’s Church […]

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