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NIGERIA: Children in Crisis Care

NIGERIA: Children in Crisis Care

Nigeria is sharply divided along religious lines with a Muslim dominated north and a majority-Christian south.

Fulani herdsmen, a tribe known for its adherence to strict Islam have attacked Christian villages for many years, and in the last two years they have committed more acts of extreme violence against Christians than any other group globally. In recent months there have been brutal attacks on villages in southern Kaduna State, north-west Nigeria. The attacks are led by rogue Fulani with sophisticated weapons from further north recruiting local disgruntled young Fulani men and boys who see no hope for their future.

In recent months there have been brutal attacks on villages in southern Kaduna State, north-west Nigeria. The attacks are led by rogue Fulani with sophisticated weapons from further north recruiting local disgruntled young Fulani men and boys who see no hope for their future.

VOM Australia’s ministry partner in Nigeria has been asked to help care for and educate some of the children affected. With this recent influx they are now caring for almost 300 children.

All of the recent arrivals are displaced, homeless with their families’ property destroyed, this year’s crops gone, tools, animals, household goods gone, without access to the land from which their families gain their livelihood.

All of the children have lost one or both parents in the conflict. Four of the group have old gunshot wounds from previous attacks, with significant damage to their small, frail bodies.

Sources: Christian Faith Ministries, The Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Pray the authorities will take further action to deal with religious violence in addition to conflicts resulting from tribalism, territorial expansion and desperate poverty.
  • Pray for the pastors trying to bring comfort to their people who have suffered and who are fearful. Pray too for those taking great risks in sharing the Gospel with the Fulani.
  • Pray for our ministry partner as they care for these severely traumatised children.

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NIGERIA: Mass Killing during Curfew

NIGERIA: Mass Killing during Curfew

Armed Fulani attacked five villages during a 24-hour curfew in a predominantly Christian area in Nigeria’s Kaduna state.

While police said Fulani gunmen killed 21 villagers, local community leaders put the death toll at as many as 33. Dozens of homes were destroyed.

The attacks took place in the Atyap Chiefdom in Zangon Kataf Local Government Area last Wednesday and Thursday. Armed men travelling in trucks killed six people and burned 20 homes in Apiashyim village and killed seven people in Kibori village.

Locals reported the attack while it was still going on in Apiashyim, but personnel arrived only after the attack was over, a survivor told local media.

The Fulani men then attacked the Atakmawei community, killing 12 people and burning down 10 homes. Later, they killed three people in Apyiako village and five in Magamiya village, burning down several houses in both locations.

A truck resembling an armoured military vehicle and military motorcycles drove into the Apyiako village square while the attack was underway, but no attempt was made to stop the destruction, according to survivors.

Fulani herders routinely attack predominantly Christian farming communities in Nigeria’s Middle Belt. While some believe the nomadic herders launch attacks as they look for grazing pastures, the radicals are known for targeting Christian villages in a similar manner as the Boko Haram terror group.

Sources: Christian Solidarity Worldwide, AFP, The Christian Post

  • Ask for God’s intervention in the midst of this turmoil and for His presence to provide comfort and provision for those who are suffering.
  • Intercede for Nigerian believers who are under the threat of these attacks. Pray against any kind of retaliation.
  • Pray for those taking great risks in sharing the Gospel with the Fulani and for others involved in peace building initiatives between the communities.

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NEPAL: Woman Stoned by Neighbour

NEPAL: Woman Stoned by Neighbour

Miriamu became a Christian in 2014, but when the distance became too great to travel to the nearest church for worship, she decided to start one in her home. Her neighbours were not Christians, and they became alarmed when they saw the new church beginning to grow.

One Saturday a neighbour approached Miriamu to tell her that the church (Miriamu’s house) was on the neighbour’s land. Miriamu disagreed, telling the woman she had the official paperwork. Immediately, the woman picked up a stone and threw it at Miriamu’s head. The woman continued to stone her until she lost consciousness. As her neighbour threw the stones, she shouted, “We must chase the Christians from this place! They are destroying our religious environments.”

Miriamu was taken to the hospital, suffering from deep gashes on her face and neck along with internal bleeding. “She still finds it difficult to speak,” wrote a VOM worker. “She wants to forgive her neighbour, who she believes will come to know Jesus one day.”

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Praise God for Miriamu’s remarkable faithfulness. Pray her bold witness of Christlike forgiveness will move her neighbour and others to repentance.
  • Ask the Lord to completely heal Miriamu and help her to overcome.
  • Pray the members of Miriamu’s church will be encouraged by her example and will not be fearful and will continue to meet.

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ETHIOPIA: Slaughter in Oromia

ETHIOPIA: Slaughter in Oromia

The assassination in Addis Ababa of a popular ethnic Oromo singer has triggered an explosion of ethnic-religious violence. The violence appears organised, designed to destabilise the nation and derail the reforms of Prime Minister Abiy (a Protestant Christian). Commencing at 4am on 30 June, gangs of Oromo nationalists specifically targeted ethnic Amhara Ethiopian Orthodox Christians living in some 40 districts of Oromia region. Victims were clubbed, hacked and stoned to death. The toll to date is 239 dead with some 300 wounded, many critically. Some 3360 Amhara Christians are displaced and sheltering in churches. Along with businesses, 493 homes belonging to Amhara Christians were torched. Some 4700 arrests have been made, including that of Oromo nationalist leader Jawar Mohammed (a fundamentalist Muslim). The situation is explosive.

Source: Christian Faith and Freedom

  • Lord bring peace to Ethiopia, in particular at this time to the Oromia region; may your steadfast love be felt.
  • Pray for comfort to those who are grieving; heal those who are wounded; provide food, water, shelter and medical aid to those who are displaced, and impart wisdom, grace, energy and authority to those who seek to lead according to the will and purpose of the Lord.
  • Father complete the good work in Ethiopia; may all evil plots be thwarted; and may the Lord bless our
    brother Prime Minister Abiy with security, wisdom, insight, discernment and strength, all while keeping him humble.

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CHINA: Officials Demolish Crosses

CHINA: Officials Demolish Crosses

More than 100 security guards removed two church crosses in Wenzhou, Zhejiang, on 7 July.

At 5am, more than 100 government personnel arrived at Aodi Christian Church and Yinchang Christian Church. Christians in Wenzhou said they came with cranes, broke the church locks, and entered the churches. They also destroyed church property.

Church members at the scene tried to stop the officials, but several security guards beat them, resulting in several injuries. A man in his eighties was shoved to the ground.

When someone tried to call the police, no one answered the phone.

Crosses at both churches were removed. Some Christians prayed and sang hymns outside while the demolition went on.

After the incident, the local government pretended to not know what had gone on. Some Christians now fear Zhejiang could see a second large-scale cross demolition movement, similar to the one that occurred in 2014.

Source: ChinaAid

  • Thank the Lord for the resilience of the church in China.
  • Pray the believers will continue to stand firm on the Word of God and in spite of the increasing opposition, will continue to meet for worship.
  • Pray those directly affected may be healed, comforted and strengthened by the Lord.

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