IRAN: Term of Exile Increased for Christian Convert
  • 19 March 2020

Iranian Christians request prayer for Christian convert Ebrahim Firouzi who has had his period of exile extended by eleven months. In November 2019, after completing a five-year prison sentence on charges of “acting against national security”, Ebrahim started serving a two-year period of exile in Sarbaz, near the border with Pakistan in relation to a […]

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IRAN: Second Prison Sentence for Iranian Convert
  • 12 March 2020

Family and friends request prayer after Christian convert Ismaeil Maghrebinejad was given a second prison sentence – two years for “membership of a group hostile to the regime” in addition to an existing three year sentence. Ismaeil (65) was arrested in Shiraz on 25 January 2019 and charged initially with “propaganda against the state and […]

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Project: Bibles for Egypt
  • 28 February 2020

Last year, Voice of the Martyrs with the help of our supporters, funded the printing and distribution of 11,000 Right Choices Bibles to new Christians throughout Egypt. The Right Choices Bible (RCB) was originally written by Josh McDowell for younger children but with permission, Eagles Group rewrote the text for older children, making it suitable […]

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Missionary in Iran
  • 26 February 2020

Ali has lived and worked as a missionary in Iran for many years. In an interview, he reports on the situation in the country and on God’s work among the Iranians. What is the situation in Iran today? There is chaos in Iran. People riot, they are angry and hopeless. The US sanctions against the […]

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Iran: More Restrictions, More Growth
  • 25 February 2020

The people of Iran are suffering ever-increasing hardships under the mullahs who control their government. International sanctions have derailed the country’s economy, causing the price of a bag of fruit to increase tenfold over the past two years while rent has more than quadrupled. Unsure at times of where their next meal will come from, […]

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