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AFGHANISTAN: God at Work, More Labourers Needed

AFGHANISTAN: God at Work, More Labourers Needed

Christian workers report several encouraging developments in the difficult mission field of Afghanistan.

Though Christian faith was once more prominent in the country, most Afghans today have never heard the Gospel, do not know a Christian and have been raised since birth to pursue an unquestioned allegiance to Mohammed’s teachings. Local and national governments are highly antagonistic toward Christians. Extremist groups, including the Taliban and ISIS, are active, and believers are persecuted by their families, friends and communities.

However, God is at work in this nation. Seven new believers formed a house church after being baptised recently, translators are working on three new Bible projects for minority languages, and followers of Christ are now present in every one of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces.

Prayer is still greatly needed for Afghan believers, for the spread of the Gospel in Afghanistan and for the estimated 40 million unreached Pashtun people worldwide.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Pray for more labourers; ask the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into the harvest field (Matthew 9:38).
  • Pray for the success of various media projects, such as films, radio, satellite TV and social media outreaches.
  • Pray for the work of the Holy Spirit in Afghanistan.

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Please Remember Her Name

Please Remember Her Name

More than two years ago, I was handed a slip of paper with the name “Nguba Buba” on it.

Nguba Buba. Remember her name, please.

Nguba Buba was one of the 276 girls kidnapped on 14 April 2014 by Boko Haram militants who stormed her school in Chibok, Nigeria. She was a young girl, a 16-year-old who attended church and loved Jesus. When she was kidnapped, she was ripped away from her studies, her potential to take her exams, and to go to college.

Nguba is one of more than 2,000 children stolen from their parents by Islamic militants since 2014. Many of the boys were armed and forced to shoot people, some from their own villages. Those who refuse were killed. The girls were forced to convert to Islam, compelled to become servants, used as prostitutes, and married off to their captors; often, men old enough to be their fathers.

Nguba was forced at gunpoint to get onto a truck in the middle of the night. They drove for hours into the Sambisa Forest under the cover of darkness. During the ride, around 50 of the girls managed to jump off and escape.

The 219 remaining stayed in Boko Haram custody. Many were advocating on their behalf and the campaign #BringBackOurGirls attracted huge amounts of attention. The government negotiated for their return, with no results.

As time passed, fewer and fewer people remembered Nguba and her friends.

Their grieving parents began succumbing to stress-related illnesses. At least 18 died of these illnesses. Another three died in Islamist attacks. In 2015, Boko Haram would use 44 stolen children as suicide bombers, many of them young girls like Nguba.

In May 2016, one of the 219 was discovered. After escaping, she arrived at home with a 4-month-old baby, the child of a Boko Haram fighter.

On 13 October, parents and relatives finally had something to celebrate. Negotiations had finally been successful, and 21 of the girls were freed. Nguba was not among them. No one really knows her fate. There are 114 Chibok girls who are unaccounted for. Some are believed to have been killed. Others may wish to stay with their abductors.

Please remember Nguba’s name. Remember that she was once a schoolgirl who planned to finish her exams at Chibok. She was a Christian. She had parents and siblings and a hope for the future that was stolen. Remember that she and each of the other 2,000 other children who were stolen still need your prayers.

The names of the 21 girls who have been released thus far:

  1. Mary Usman Bulama
  2. Jummai John
  3. Blessing Abana
  4. Luggwa Sanda
  5. Comfort Habila
  6. Maryam Basheer
  7. Comfort Amos
  8. Glory Mainta
  9. Saratu Emmanuel
  10. Deborah Ja’afaru
  11. Rahab Ibrahim
  12. Helin Musa
  13. Mayamu Lawan
  14. Rebecca Ibrahim
  15. Asabe Goni
  16. Deborah Andrawus
  17. Agnes Gapani
  18. Saratu Markus
  19. Glory Dama
  20. Pindah Nuhu
  21. Rebecca Mallam

 Ann Kay writes for VOM USA.

NIGERIA: Over 45 Killed by Fulani Herdsmen Militia

NIGERIA: Over 45 Killed by Fulani Herdsmen Militia

On Sunday 13 November Fulani militants, reportedly numbering 200, attacked four villages in the Kauru local area of Nigeria’s Kaduna State. Forty-five predominantly Christian villagers were murdered, including men, women, and children, some of whom were burnt beyond recognition. Approximately 100 houses and other properties, including churches, were also destroyed.

Adamu, a local resident accused the government of failing to stop the persistent attacks that have claimed hundreds of lives in southern Kaduna.

The attacks came a day after the Fulani herdsmen and indigenous communities in Kauru and neighbouring Local Government Areas resolved to live at peace with each other.

In reaction to the killings, the state government’s statement condemned the “barbaric” attacks, saying they would not derail ongoing efforts at peace-building in southern Kaduna.

Sources: International Christian Concern, World Watch Monitor

Prayer Points

  • Pray for the families of the Christian villagers murdered during this brutal attack; ask the Lord to comfort them in their grief and heal the trauma they have suffered.
  • Pray that the Fulani militants will be brought to justice and that the Nigerian government and military would do more to protect its citizens.
  • Pray the Lord’s generous provision will ensure the speedy rebuilding of the 100 houses and other properties that were destroyed during this attack.
Weng Walking

Weng Walking

Weng Tshua was three weeks old when Fulani Muslims attacked his village in 2010. All nine members of his family including his parents, were killed. He was rescued from his burning house, but not before the fire had consumed his feet. The VOM prosthetics team fashioned special shoes that can be adjusted as Weng grows.

This year he was fitted for a new pair of shoes, his first pair was well used.

“This young boy has been through so much, but his life is somewhat back to normal because of the caring people around him and because of your support. His feet might be disfigured but this little boy is determined to play just like his friends do.

“Weng is now six years old, and we are commited to walking with him every step of the way as he grows into adulthood. When God brings a persecuted family member into our lives, we commit to helping them through their physical and spiritual recovery as long as the need is there. Each situation is unique, and we provide assistance we prayerfully commit to standing with the persecuted believers in their sufferings” says, Jim Dau President of the VOM USA, who was present when the new shoes were delivered.

This video clip shows Weng receiving his very first shoes proudly walking around in it.

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