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NEPAL: Living the Christian Life with Beautiful Aroma

NEPAL: Living the Christian Life with Beautiful Aroma

An extremely poor family who came to Christ has experienced intense persecution but also rapid spiritual maturity. The family is so poor that they live in a shelter on government-owned land.

One day they met a pastor who told them about Christ. Eager for the hope Jesus promised, they accepted Christ as a family. They began attending church, walking eight miles each way. Then the persecution started.

Their landlord confiscated the land they were leasing to grow crops. In addition, their neighbours prohibited them from using the village water tap. “They are alone from society,” their pastor said. However, he is impressed with their mature faith in such a short time. The family told him, “The Christian life is like a rose that blooms and spreads aroma in the midst of a thousand thorns.”

Source: Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Father God, I thank you for the spiritual maturity of this family and pray that they will continue to grow, stand firm in their faith and have strength to face their difficult situation.
  • Protect them from the enemies of the faith, let no violence be directed towards them.
  • Pray the Lord will prosper their way and let them find favour. Let them be a shining light for Jesus Christ.

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