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ISRAEL: Congregation Facing Repeated Harassment from Anti-Missionaries

ISRAEL: Congregation Facing Repeated Harassment from Anti-Missionaries

The Beit Hallel Messianic Congregation in Ashdod, southern Israel has experienced systematic harassment from the local anti-missionary group.

The harassment includes intimidation, fear tactics, vandalism, curses, chanting, blocking the entrance to the church and disrupting services.

The congregation initially won a court case against its harassers and obtained a restraining order, but that restraining order has been repeatedly ignored and violated. Ultra-Orthodox anti-missionary groups, such as Yad L’Achim, oppose Christian activity in Israel. Messianic Jews are Jews who recognise Jesus as the Messiah, but groups like Yad L’Achim do not see Messianics as true Jews. Pray for these Christians in the region as persecution from orthodox groups continues to increase.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Ask God to give local Christians gracious words and courage to be His witnesses, even as they face opposition.
  • Pray these believers will be given an opportunity to meet for corporate worship so they can encourage one another in the faith.
  • Pray for the members of the Ultra-Orthodox groups, that the Lord Jesus may be made known to them.

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ISRAEL: New Christian Faces Daily Struggles in Orthodox Jewish Culture

ISRAEL: New Christian Faces Daily Struggles in Orthodox Jewish Culture

A former Orthodox Jew who came to faith in Jesus Christ is now homeless and has little hope of finding work.

After meeting a Christian worker nine years ago, Noa gradually came to understand and believe the Gospel and recently, he placed his faith in Jesus as Saviour. His decision, however, was met with intense ridicule from his community and his family, who banished him from their home.

He is currently sleeping at a friend’s place of business while looking for work, but his options are limited. As an Orthodox Jew, Noa’s education was almost entirely focused on learning the Torah and Jewish traditions.

In addition to persecution from his family, Noa has experienced harassment from radical anti-missionary groups like Yad L’Achim.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Thank the Lord for revealing Himself to Noa. Ask God to mature Noa’s faith and encourage him to seek Him in this difficult season.
  • Pray that Noa will find a place to live, that his needs will be met and that he will be able to find work and/or pursue a broader education. Pray that he will be greatly supported by His new Christian family.
  • Pray the Lord will reveal the Gospel of grace to members of Noa’s family and others in the community.

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ISRAEL: Pray for a Bible Book Store in Tel Aviv

ISRAEL: Pray for a Bible Book Store in Tel Aviv

A book store in Tel Aviv owned and operated by the Bible Society of Israel is currently on trial, accused by the property owner of conducting missionary activities and violating its rental agreement.

The book store, which has rented the same property since 1961, is the only store selling Bibles in the Tel Aviv metropolitan area.

A court decision is expected to be issued in the next few weeks.

Sources: The Voice of the Martyrs USA, Middle East Concern

  • Pray that the judge will arrive at a just decision and that the book store will be able to continue its ministry.
  • Pray the Lord will uphold the owners and staff during this time of uncertainty; may they receive much support.
  • Pray the Gospel may become known and that God will be glorified through this trial.


ISRAEL: Family of Messianic Jews Facing Threats

ISRAEL: Family of Messianic Jews Facing Threats

Eitan and his family, who are Messianic Jews, face threats from ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel because of Eitan’s work on videos for the One for Israel YouTube ministry.

Eitan, his wife and their young child were forced to move after they received death threats. In addition, their car was sabotaged and bags of refuse were thrown into their garden.

Those threatening Eitan’s family have learned of his new address and distributed flyers including his picture, full name and address throughout the neighbourhood.

Source: Middle East Concern, The Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Pray that the Lord will protect Eitan and his family and that the threats would come to nothing.
  • Pray that Eitan’s family will experience God’s peace so they will not be fearful. Pray the Lord will bless his ministry.
  • Pray that those opposing Eitan’s work will come to know Jesus as the promised Messiah.


ISRAEL: Prayer Request for Arad

ISRAEL: Prayer Request for Arad

Messianic believers in Israel request prayer for the town of Arad following recent opposition to the Messianic congregation.

At the end of August, a Messianic congregation, Hasdey Yeshua, was meeting in a warehouse facility in Arad, south Israel, when a group of 20-30 ultra-Orthodox Jews belonging to the Gur Hassidim gathered to protest the meeting by cursing and hurling religious slogans. An exaggerated and provocative version of events was then reported by Israeli news portal Arutz 7 on 31 August.

Later, a journalist from Israel Today contacted the congregation and published a corrected version of events, emphasising that the Messianic Jews were praying for the protesters.

More recently, the Gur Hassidim have been trying to spread their influence in Arad in an aggressive manner, putting up signs and posters attacking the mayor and the secular community with regards to eating and dressing customs.

A leader of Hasdey Yeshua requests prayer: “Please pray for the peace of our city and for the protection of our mayor. Please also pray for our Messianic community here in Arad in this time of spiritual darkness that we might shine brightly with the love of Yeshua to both the secular and the ultra-orthodox.”

Source: Middle East Concern

  • Please pray the Lord will protect the mayor and Messianic community in Arad. May wise counsel prevail and peace be restored to the community.
  • Pray this recent opposition will be used by the Lord to spread His message of love and salvation through Christ Jesus.
  • Pray this will become an opportunity for the Messianic Jews to become more widely accepted by the community in Arad and have a positive influence on both religious and secular sections of society.