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KYRGYZSTAN: Violent Attacks Against Christians

KYRGYZSTAN: Violent Attacks Against Christians

In October 2018, a young Christian, Eldos Sattar uuly, sustained a broken jaw and other injuries after a violent attack in the Issyk-Kul Region of Kyrgyzstan. Those responsible were charged. They were sentenced to house arrest; however this is not being enforced.

Problems have continued for Christians in the area. People in the village of Tamchi report continuing attacks against them since from December. In a recent incident, a Muslim from the village was also beaten by ten people because he was a good friend of Eldos. There are rumours that local militants plan to destroy the homes of Christians in Tamchi and two other nearby villages.

According to reports from the area, Eldos and his uncle Nurbek Esenaly uuly have left in fear. When Eldos’ lawyer complained about the inaction of the authorities, she was threatened with charges against her for “inciting religious conflict and sowing discord among people.”

Source: Forum 18

  • Commit to the Lord those in Kyrgyzstan who are being wrongly mistreated, accused and beaten.
  • May Eldos, his uncle Nurbek, and others who have fled for safety find the refuge and rest they need.
  • Pray for God’s righteousness and justice to be upheld, and that the work of the Gospel will be able to continue in Tamchi and throughout the region

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KYRGYZSTAN: Young Convert Suffers Severe Beating

KYRGYZSTAN: Young Convert Suffers Severe Beating

A young Christian in the village of Tamchi, Kyrgyzstan, was left fighting for his life after three Muslim men badly beat him on 17 October. The attackers cornered Eldos, a 25-year-old convert from Islam, and attempted to force him to recite the shahada, the Islamic creed used to signify conversion. When Eldos refused, he was viciously beaten, leaving him with a concussion, fractured jaw, missing teeth, and an eye injury.

According to reports, police stated the attack was not religious but due to the loud music the young man was playing. They claimed to have a verbal statement from Eldos to that effect, though his lawyer asserts that the assaulted young man was unable to speak at the time due to the extent of his injuries. At last report, Eldos was in hospital where he has undergone surgery to reconstruct his jaw.

Sources: Release International, Barnabas Fund

  • Pray for justice in this case, despite the apparent obstruction by police.
  • Pray for his complete physical healing, along with needed emotional strength and comfort, as Eldos now recovers from the violent assault and resulting surgery.
  • Ask God to bring conviction to those responsible for the crime, that they may turn to Him for grace and forgiveness.
KYRGYZSTAN: Church of Muslim Converts Told to Close

KYRGYZSTAN: Church of Muslim Converts Told to Close

A church in Kyrgyzstan that is home to many former Muslims has been ordered to cease its Sunday worship.

A local source told World Watch Monitor that services at the church, which is led by a convert from Islam, have been interrupted twice in the last few months by a group of people consisting of local officials, representatives of the prosecutor’s office and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, assistants to the local imam and former colleagues from the school at which the pastor used to teach.

On both occasions, members of the group demanded that the service be stopped and told them: “You will not be able to live and carry out your ministry here.” The church members tried to settle the conflict, but the group continued to issue threats and insults.

The church members then started filming them with their mobile phones, after which the group left the building hiding their faces but saying to the congregation: “We will come here again and again to disturb and persecute you in every possible way,” the source said.

The church has for more than a decade been led by Pastor ‘Miran’. The leadership of the school where he worked threatened to fire him after they learned of his conversion and his role as a church leader. He was also accused of child abuse by the school and jailed for six months. The source said that no lawyer would defend him at his trial because they were afraid of falling foul to the security services, no witnesses were present in court, and the charge against him was not proven. The source said the church felt the allegation was only levelled against him because of his conversion.

Since his release, Pastor Miran, a father of five, has been unable to find paid work. According to a local source, local Muslims say of him: “If Miran could betray his native pure Islam, maybe he could do other bad things too.”

Source: World Watch Monitor

  • Uphold Pastor Miran; pray the Lord will strengthen him as he faces this latest difficulty. May he trust in the Lord and not loose heart.
  • Ask the Lord to provide for all of Miran’s needs and surround him with love, care and encouragement.
  • Pray the conduct of the church members may act as a powerful witness the community including those who oppose them.
KYRGYZSTAN: “Amazing sign” Encourages Church

KYRGYZSTAN: “Amazing sign” Encourages Church

Muslim militants used Molotov cocktails to set fire to the Evangelical Christian Baptist Church in Kaji-Say in the early hours of 3 January. The building, which stands on the south shore of Lake Issyk Kul, was badly damaged in the blaze, with many pews destroyed.

But the Bible on the altar survived, despite the altar cloth being consumed by flames. Local Christians are interpreting this as a sign from God that they should stand firm in their faith and keep going. Firefighters called to tackle the blaze found several full bottles of petrol which had failed to ignite.

A Release International partner in Kyrgyzstan described the undamaged Bible as “An amazing sign. This happened once before when Communists set fire to a Pentecostal church. The Bible and that building survived too, and there is no doubt the church in Kyrgyzstan will survive – and continue to preach the Gospel.”

Churches in Kyrgyzstan have faced growing opposition, but this is the first to be firebombed for several years. Kyrgyz Christians are now under pressure from both Islamic radicals and the state authorities.

Sources: Release International, Release partner

  • Praise God for the way that He encourages His people to stand firm in the face of opposition.
  • Ask the Lord to use this incident to further advance His kingdom in this community and throughout Kyrgyzstan.
  • Pray for those responsible for the arson attack, may the Lord lead them to repentance.


KYRGYZSTAN:  Marat Niyazaliev Falsely Accused

KYRGYZSTAN: Marat Niyazaliev Falsely Accused

Kyrgyzstani believer Marat Niyazaliev remains in an investigative prison after being falsely accused of molesting a young girl. At the time of the alleged molestation, Marat was in a city about 95 kilometres away, renewing his passport.

He made a phone call on the bus ride home, and phone records from his service provider have verified his location.

Despite these facts, Marat was arrested in December 2015 and taken to an investigative prison, where he must remain while his case is processed. Before his December arrest, Marat told VOM workers that he had been greatly affected by the accusation and was having difficulty praying.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

Prayer Points

  • Intercede for this brother; ask the Lord to bring light to this case. May the investigation be completed without agenda and these charges be dealt with swiftly and justly.
  • Pray Marat will rely on the Lord to give him the words to say when they stand before accusing authorities (Matthew 10:19). Commit to the Lord Marat’s legal representatives.
  • Pray for spiritual health and strength for Marat and his family. Pray Marat will feel the peace and presence of our Lord.