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TANZANIA: Maasai Warriors Attack New Christians

TANZANIA: Maasai Warriors Attack New Christians

About 20 Maasai warriors attacked four young Maasai Christians at a Sunday morning church service recently, whipping the men and beating them with clubs.

The young Christians ─ Murri, 16; Lilash, 19; Lekutina, 16; and Sairiamu, 17 ─ had placed their faith in Jesus only days earlier.

In opposition to Maasai custom, in which warriors wear long hair, the four teenagers had cut their hair as an outward symbol of their conversion to Christianity; Maasai traditionalists in the community were offended by their act of rebellion. “Attacks on Christians [in this place] are increasing,” a VOM worker said. This was the third attack in less than a year.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Pray the Lord will strengthen the faith of these new believers; commit to the Lord their continued Christian growth.
  • Pray they may experience complete healing and pray they will spiritually and physiologically overcome the opposition they have faced.
  • Pray their new lives in Christ will be a powerful witness to their community.

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