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UGANDA: Christian Radio Preacher Murdered

UGANDA: Christian Radio Preacher Murdered

David Omara was the pastor of Christian Church Centre and a well-known radio preacher in northern Uganda.

During his radio broadcast on 31 October, he contrasted Christianity to Islam. After finishing the broadcast at about 9pm, Pastor David received a phone call from a listener who expressed appreciation for his message and invited him to meet with some friends. Unaware of the danger that awaited him, Pastor David went to the meeting location, along with his son Simon Okut.

Upon arrival, the two were ambushed by six people. Simon managed to escape but Pastor David was strangled and beaten to death.

When his wife received the shattering news, she immediately passed out and, even after receiving treatment, was unable to recognise people.

Speaking of the incident, a colleague said of the slain pastor: “He worked tirelessly for the Kingdom of God to the day he breathed his last breath.”

The pastor is survived by his wife and their eight children who range in age from 10 to 30. The church is calling for prayer and support on behalf of this grieving family, and specifically for the recovery of his emotionally distraught widow.

Despite having a reputation for being one of the most Christianised nations in Africa, a strong militant Islamic stance has created problems in recent years.

Source: Morning Star News

  • Pray for Pastor David’s wife and children during this time of great sorrow. Ask the Lord to provide each one, much-needed comfort, strength, and hope for the future.
  • Pray the militants responsible for the murder will not only be brought to justice but also delivered from the evil one.
  • Pray that the faithful work and witness of Pastor David will continue to resonate in the hearts of all who have heard the Gospel message through his ministry.

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INDIA: Christian Boy Murdered by Extremists

INDIA: Christian Boy Murdered by Extremists

Sombura Madkami, a 14-year-old Christian boy from Kenduguda village, located in the Malkangiri district of India’s Odisha state, was brutally murdered by religious extremists. Christian leaders claim Sombura was murdered by religious extremists who had been harassing Christians in Kenduguda village for years.

“On the night of 4 June, a few villagers ganged up with a handful of religious fanatics, who were not part of the village, and attempted to kidnap Christians,” Pastor Kosha Mosaki told the media.

The extremists captured Sombura and two other Christians. However, the two other Christians were able to escape their captors before they were taken to the jungle.

In the jungle, the extremists brutally murdered Sombura. The extremists then buried Sombura’s body in an attempt to hide the crime.

However, the two other Christians who had escaped notified local police. Police immediately identified Deba Madkami, Budra Muchaki, Aaita Kabasi, Rabu Madi, and others as being involved in the abduction and murder of the Christian boy.

Police located the body of Sombura as a part of their initial investigation after arresting and interrogating the individuals that were identified.

Police from the Malkangiri district have filed a First Information Report against the individuals accused of murdering Sombura.

According to local Christians, religious extremists had been harassing their community for several years prior to the murder. Pastor Bijay Pusuru, from Bethel House Church located in Kenduguda, claims extremists had restricted church activities and issued death threats against Christian families who continued to attend church. Pastor Pusuru claims police and village leaders did little in response to these incidents.

Source: International Christian Concern

  • Ask the Lord to comfort the distressed, grieving and fearful in the community.
  • Pray the police will do all that’s necessary to ensure justice for Sombura and his family and to take measures to guard against further violence. Pray for the perpetrators.
  • Ask the Lord to strengthen the believers. Pray they will turn to one another in their grief to encourage each other and stand united in their faith.

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PAKISTAN: Christian Family Claims Their Son’s Murder is Being  Covered Up

PAKISTAN: Christian Family Claims Their Son’s Murder is Being Covered Up

The family of Akash Masih, an 18-year-old Christian who worked at Aman Bakery in Sialkot, Pakistan, claims that their son was murdered by his Muslim co-workers on 24 September. According to Akash’s father, his son was killed because of discrimination and religious jealousy.

“My son was an expert at baking and making shawarma and burgers,” Sarwar Masih, Akash’s father, said. “His expertise was liked by the customers, however, he faced discrimination and religious jealousy at his workplace. He often complained about the unfavourable situation at the bakery, but he continued working to help his family.”

On 24 September, the staff at Aman Bakery informed Sarwar that his son was not feeling well and was taken to the local hospital. When Sarwar arrived at the hospital, he discovered that his son was already dead.

When Sarwar attempted to investigate his son’s death, he was threatened by the Aman Bakery’s administration. “They said, ‘We will teach you a lesson if you go for legal course against us,’” Sarwar said. “We did not get an encouraging response from police either.”

According to Sarwar, police claim that Akash committed suicide. The claim that Akash was murdered has recently gone viral because a video of Akash’s body was released on Facebook. In that video, the signs of torture can be seen on Akash’s back and neck.

So far, Sarwar has been “unsatisfied” with the investigation into his son’s death. His application to exhume Akash’s body for investigation has been denied by the court.

“These are delaying tactics to defuse the evidence against the culprits,” Sarwar said. “Christians face hatred and discrimination even after their death.”

Source: International Christian Concern

  • Pray for justice for Akash and his family and that the truth will come to light. Pray the case will be taken seriously.
  • Ask the Lord to give Sarwar patience and spiritual encouragement. May he be comforted in his grief.
  • Pray the church in Pakistan will be strengthened and will continue to grow in spite of the severe opposition.

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INDONESIA: Female Pastor Murdered

INDONESIA: Female Pastor Murdered

A young female pastor was found dead this week in the Oki District of South Sumatra, Indonesia. The body of Pastor Melinda Zidemi was found on Tuesday.

Melinda Zidemi was a pastor and church activist in the Sungai Baung area. The “polite” and “kind” pastor was well known by locals and plantation workers alike as she often came to speak with them.

“She cared for everybody”, one of the workers said.

Local police said it was likely that she had been raped and strangled to death by attackers before they abandoned her body in the plantation.

The young witness (of about 10 years old) described two men to police.

Update 11/4/2019 – The two men accused of killing Melinda have now been arrested.

Source: VOM Contacts

  • Ask the Lord to comfort and minister to those who mourn the loss of this young pastor. Please remember her family, her church, members of the community and the young witness.
  • Thank the Lord that her loved ones do not need to grieve as those who have no hope (1 Thessalonians 4:13). May they take enormous comfort, that she is with her Lord.
  • Pray for the authorities seeking the perpetrators. Pray too for those responsible, that they would feel great conviction and that they may be brought to repentance.

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MYANMAR: Pray for the Family of Murdered Christian

MYANMAR: Pray for the Family of Murdered Christian

‘Than’ a 37-year-old Christian father of five, was brutally murdered by unknown attackers recently. His wife, Aung, discovered his body on the side of the road, covered in blood, as she returned from collecting firewood for cooking.

Than’s killers had slit his wrists, stabbed him in the chest and beat him severely.

In early 2017, a villager known to hate Christians told Than’s family that it wasn’t wise for them to live in the animist village. And about a month before his murder, several members of the Palaung Army had visited the village several times and questioned villagers. The soldiers tried to get Than to buy drugs for them, but he refused.

The family has been shunned ever since Than and Aung accepted Christ and were baptised in 2008.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Pray that God will meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of Than’s family and that they will remain firm in their faith.
  • Ask God to use this tragedy to draw many to Himself; may he also encourage the faith of other believers in the area who face opposition.
  • Pray for the perpetrators, ask the Lord to remove the violence and hatred from their hearts and pour a new Spirit into them.