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Project: Bibles Plus India

Our Bibles Plus campaign runs from March to May each year. Last year Bibles Plus packs were distributed to our faith family in India. Below are the responses from just a handful of recipients: I am illiterate. I am not good with words, but I

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Project: Water Filters for Laos

Laos is still a majority communist nation and one often forgotten. Since the year 2000, the local government has persecuted many churches and now they are targeting villages with new believers. To make life difficult for new converts, authorities will often not allow Christians to

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Project: Anchor Bay Bible College

Young students from all over the Philippines travel to Anchor Bay Bible College, supported by Voice of the Martyrs Australia, for a biblical education. Some students who attend may have experienced great levels of persecution, especially those from the Mindanao region. Tensions are high for

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Project: Support for School Children in Vietnam

Pastors and preachers in restricted nations often struggle financially to support their families while they are ministering. Many of them travel frequently to visit congregations, preach and train pastors, and sustaining an income can be difficult. Voice of the Martyrs Australia provides support in many

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Project: Support for Brother Cho

Brother Cho’s* impactful ministry in Myanmar meant he was imprisoned and tortured for his faith. Because of this, he was in desperate need of medical attention. Health problems resulting from imprisonment didn’t stop Brother Cho from his current ministry which provides Christian cassettes and literature

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Project: Support for Orphans in the Philippines

Last year, Voice of the Martyrs Australia was able to help support a group of orphans from the Caraga region in the Philippines who are now in the care of a local pastor and his wife. Over the last few years, an insurgent communist group

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Project: Water Filter for Indonesia

In the slum area of Medan in Indonesia, much of the water is unsafe to drink and highly polluted, leaving many communities at risk. Voice of the Martyrs Australia, with the help of our supporters, was able to step in and help one church community

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Front Line Ministry

Our Front Line Ministry fund directly assists pastors, evangelists and full-time Christian workers who courageously minister in the face of hostility and persecution. Last year we supported 105 Front Line Ministry projects. In Pakistan we helped provide monthly support for 15 local pastors in different

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PHILIPPINES: Bible College Student Support

The mission of a Bible college in Mindanao is to train and equip committed men and women from different areas of the Philippines in the Gospel, and send them around the country to minister. The discipleship training program is open to anyone committed to furthering

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Project: Motorbike for Sri

Sri travels up to three hours from Jambi City in Indonesia to many of his mission villages where he ministers to established congregations and shares the Gospel from door to door. Last year, VOM Australia stepped in to provide Sri with a motorbike to make

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Nigeria: Discipleship Centre Severely Damaged by Fire

An accidental fire has severely damaged the top floor of a vital discipleship centre in Nigeria and it is in urgent need of repair. A VOM ministry partner runs the centre which offers firsthand help and vocational training for persecuted believers. Most of the young

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Project: ABC Discipleship Training – China

The underground church in China is experiencing some of the harshest persecution of the last 50 years making it more difficult to train leaders but VOM Australia’s partner mission World Compassion is helping to meet the need. New government regulations are penalising landowners who rent

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Project: Bibles for Muslims – Egypt

Providing Bibles in countries where it may be restricted is perhaps the most important and valuable tool for building faith and spreading the Gospel. Last year, Voice of the Martyrs Australia, with the help of our supporters, worked with our local contacts in Egypt to

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Frontline workers committed to Bibles Plus

Our distribution teams are committed to continue placing Bibles in the hands of our brothers and sisters who live in restricted nations. “We distributed 250 packs to different churches in the area; some came from great distances. It was a joy and a blessing to

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Project: Vietnam – Homes for Persecuted Families

Last year, eight families (around 46 people) were driven out of their village in Vietnam just because of their faith in Christ. Their houses and land were confiscated and in April 2018 they left Bac Yen, their hometown and stayed in a very poor local

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Project: MP3 Bibles for Egypt

In Egypt last year, 2000 MP3 bibles were distributed throughout the country, assisting those who may find physical copies problematic. The 2018 project, funded by Voice of the Martyrs Australia, with the help of our supporters, was created for both blind and illiterate believers, giving

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Project: 10,000 Christian DVD’s Distributed

In many areas throughout the world, resources such as videos and DVD’s are a great way to minister the word of God to all kinds of people in a creative way. This project, funded by Voice of the Martyrs Australia, with the help of our

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Christmas Care 2019 – Thank You

Your generosity in sponsoring Christmas Care packs has made a valuable impact in the lives of thousands of children around the world. Each pack included a children’s Bible along with other necessities such as food and stationary supplies for school. Your eagerness in this initiative

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Project: Motorcycles for Pastors in Vietnam

Travelling by motorcycle is the most economical and effective transportation for pastors to grow their ministries in many parts of the world. Countless pastors across Vietnam are in charge of a number of different churches and need to travel long distances, often on muddy roads

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Project: Bible School in Chang Ping

Sending young adults to Bible college in places like Mongolia isn’t just beneficial for them but also for their churches and local communities as they return hungry to serve. Four students from Inner Mongolia had the chance to attend and complete Bible college in Beijing

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