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NEPAL: Seven Christians Arrested

NEPAL: Seven Christians Arrested

Seven people, including proprietors of two private schools, were arrested on 9 June in Dolakha district, Nepal, accused of converting others to Christianity because they were distributing Bible handbooks to children.

Those arrested were the principals of Mount Valley Boarding School and Modern Nepal School and some of the staff of Teach Nepal, a Christian voluntary organisation.

Both principals are Christians and organise extra-curriculum activities for their students as a part of their school program.

They had distributed a handkerchief and the handbook named “A Great Story” to 885 students.

According to reports, police are now preparing to file a case against those detained under Article 26 (3) of the constitution that makes it punishable by law to convert a person of one religion to another.

Sources: World Evangelical Alliance, Eurasia Review

Prayer Points

  • Pray for God’s wisdom and guidance upon all church leaders handling this situation; may they rely on the Lord to give them the words to say when they stand before accusing authorities (Matthew 10:19).
  • Pray the booklets distributed may be used by the Lord to encourage many to understand the Gospel.
  • Pray this case may ultimately bring a bolder witness for the Gospel throughout Nepal.

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