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Luis – Ministering in Guerrilla Zones

As the sound of gunfire grew louder, 10-year-old Luis and his brother ran to their room and crawled under their bed. They knew the gunfire meant guerrilla fighters from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) were again attacking their small jungle village. When soldiers

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Rachel Persecuted at age 8 in Vietnam

Rachel’s heart raced as four police officers burst through the front door and charged upstairs to the room where she and other church members were listening to her father preach. After ushering all of the believers into one room at gunpoint, the policemen arrested Rachel’s

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Where The Front Line Begins

When it comes to sharing the Gospel in hostile and restricted nations, front line workers must use wisdom and creativity. In Laos, travelling evangelists distribute VOM-provided radios to people in remote villages so they can listen to Christian broadcasts from a neighbouring country — and

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If You Aren’t Ready, Then Run

Poor Elijah. We’re always kind of down on Elijah, aren’t we? After his stunning victory on Mount Carmel, he flees Jezebel when she threatens to kill him after he put to death her 300 prophets of Baal. Jonah also finds his way into the ‘Hall

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Houses, Churches Destroyed by Muslim Protestors

On 17 June, homes and property belonging to the Coptic community of Qarayat al Bayda, near Alexandria, Egypt was attacked by angry crowds. Naeem Aziz, whose house was destroyed, was building the house for his son. However, it was believed that it was going to

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SYRIA: Churches Serve as Enemies Threaten

President of the International Committee of the Red Cross, Peter Maurer, has said about the Battle for Aleppo: “This is beyond doubt one of the most devastating urban conflicts in modern times.” Around 250,000 people remain trapped in Aleppo’s rebel-held east. Russian Defense Minister Sergei

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What happened to WeAreN?

In 2014 in Iraq’s second largest city, Mosul, Iraqi Christians are fleeing their homes after Islamist militants threatened to kill them unless they converted to Islam or paid a “protection tax”. Their houses were marked with the Arabic letter N, which stands for the word

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NIGERIA: Legislation Will Further Islamise the Country

One year after the official swearing in of President Muhammadu Buhari, the government is considering two bills that, if passed, will further Islamise Nigeria. A bill to establish grazing reserves for the Fulani in every state would facilitate Muslim Fulani expansion deep into the Christian

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IRAN: Release of Christian Prisoner on Medical Furlough

Maryam (Naseem) Naghash Zargaran was granted temporary release from prison on 6 June to receive medical treatment. Maryam, a believer from a Muslim background, has been held for nearly three years in Evin Prison in Tehran and has been suffering from a variety of ailments,

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CHINA: Lawyer Yang Maodong in Critical Need

Yang Maodong (49) is a Christian human rights lawyer and religious liberty advocate in China. Yang was first arrested in 2006, tortured and sentenced to five years in prison. Released in 2011, Yang was rearrested in 2013 and sentenced in November 2015 to another six

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INDIA: Christians Flee Village

Six Christian families were forced to flee their village in India’s Chhattisgarh state after their Hindu neighbours allegedly threatened to kill them if they did not renounce their Christian faith. Chhattisgarh has been a hotbed of persecution in India since over 50 villages in the

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EGYPT: Teen Released

On the morning of 5 April, a 13-year-old Christian boy was kidnapped in Upper Egypt. Anthonius Farag was snatched outside his school early that morning in the village of Mansheyyit Manbal (near Matay, which is about 230 kilometres south of Cairo). On the same day

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Five Years in Prison for Name Change

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? That someone could be charged and sent to prison for changing their name. But it’s true. You might be thinking, but what about U2’s lead guitarist who named his daughter Blue Angel? Or Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s daughter Apple? These

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Sri Lanka: You Need the Power of God

Those who come to Christ in Sri Lanka face challenges and trials from Buddhist or Hindu family members or village leaders. Sometimes the challenges are extreme: church buildings torn down, Christians beaten and even martyred for their faith. Yet God is at work: even with

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Remember our Mothers

  Mother’s Day is fast approaching. It is a lovely opportunity for us to remember the great things our mothers do for us and to thank God for them. As we remember our mothers on 8 May, let me encourage you to remember and pray

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Five ways to support the persecuted church at youth

  Last month I posted three reasons why the persecuted church is important for your youth group. In today’s post I’m going to give you five practical ways to incorporate the persecuted church into your youth group. Click on one of these links to find

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Pray for Belgium, Pray for the World

The recent terror attacks in Brussels once again reiterated in our hearts and minds the danger of radical Islam to the Western world. It was a shock for many and raises questions about how a public place such as an airport; which is supposed to

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MIDDLE EAST: Bible Translators Murdered by Militants

Four Bible translators were recently murdered by militants in an unnamed location in the Middle East. According to Wycliffe, a raid took place on the translators’ office. Two of the translators were shot and killed, while another two died of wounds from being beaten. These

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NIGERIA: More Villagers Killed by Fulani militants

Fulani militants on horseback are reported to have attacked a village in Buruku local government area of Benue state last Thursday. Residents of Tombo village were shot and attacked with machetes. About 15 people have been confirmed dead. “It’s unclear why the world still stands

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    In 2016 it is our vision to see many young people demonstrate their willingness to raise awareness and support for our persecuted brothers and sisters. On 3 June 2016 it’s Sacrifice24: A day to make a statement that you are Bound With Them

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