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NEPAL: Young Wife Beaten and Kicked Out of Home

NEPAL: Young Wife Beaten and Kicked Out of Home

Sreva’s husband, who was not a Christian, allowed her to attend church because he had seen a positive change in her. But Sreva and her husband lived with her husband’s parents, and they were unhappy that she was attending church.

Recently, while Sreva’s husband was away at work, they took her Bible and began beating her with it. They ordered her to leave their home immediately and not return unless she renounced her Christian faith.

Sreva is currently staying with friends, and she and her husband hope to be able to build their own home soon. She says her husband recently accepted Christ.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Thank God that Sreva and her husband have come to know Him. Pray He will nurture them in their faith.
  • Ask the Lord to provide Sreva and her husband with a new home and an opportunity to fellowship with other believers.
  • Pray the witness of Sreva and her husband may be powerfully used by the Lord for the spiritual benefit of the family and their community.

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EGYPT: Muslim Family Kills Son Over Christian Conversion

EGYPT: Muslim Family Kills Son Over Christian Conversion

A Muslim background believer living in Egypt, Hussein Mohammed, was killed on 6 October after his family discovered that he had converted from Islam to Christianity.

Hussein, who preferred to be called by his baptismal name George, had posted several photos to his Facebook account. One of the photos showed a cross tattoo which George had obtained on his wrist; a practice pursued by Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Christians. His family had known of his conversion prior to the photos being posted, and his uncle had made complaints to the Directorate of Security about his ‘apostasy’. However, these photos were a public acknowledgement of his conversion.

According to George’s friend, “[He] was a very brave man. He was a very good believer and follower of Jesus Christ. He loved Christ very much. He challenged his family for his faith in Jesus Christ. He was knowing that his family were going to kill him anytime, but he didn’t fear death. He kept faith till his last breath and refused to renounce his new faith. He was martyred in the name of Jesus Christ.”

Egypt is an officially Islamic country, but with the largest Christian demographic in the Middle East. Christians are regulated as second class citizens at best, and often lack the opportunity to claim their civil rights. Muslims who convert to Christianity, however, are viewed by the Islamic community from an even harsher perspective. They are viewed as apostates, which means that the public discovery of their conversion makes them vulnerable to becoming a victim of an honour killing.

Sources: International Christian Concern, World Watch Monitor

  • Commit to the Lord those who grieve the loss of George. Pray his death will not be in vain, but that God will use his testimony for spiritual enlightenment and His glory.
  • Pray that the perpetrators will face justice in this life. Pray the Lord will have mercy on them and grant them salvation.
  • Pray for the Lord’s strength and protection to be on Muslim background believers in Egypt.

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NIGERIA: Pastor’s Wife Killed by Abductors

NIGERIA: Pastor’s Wife Killed by Abductors

Details have emerged of the circumstances surrounding the death of a pastor’s wife who was abducted by armed assailants from her home in Kaduna state, central Nigeria on 14 September.

Mrs Esther Katung, whose husband is the minister in charge of the Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) Prayer House in Birnin Gwari Local Government Area (LGA) of Kaduna state, was seized during an attack by armed men of Fulani ethnicity at around 11.45pm. Mrs Katung’s husband Rev Ishiaku Katung sustained injuries during the attack.

Mrs Katung’s captors initially demanded N5000000 ($24,175) for her release. They later agreed to a payment of N400000 ($1,935). However, released abductees who had been held with her confirmed that Mrs Katung, who was pregnant, had died after suffering a severe beating the day before the ransom was received.

The abduction and murder of Mrs Katung is part of a spate of kidnappings for ransom which have occurred across Nigeria. In Kaduna state, church leaders and their families are particularly targeted. Several have been seized from their homes or church compounds by well-armed assailants reportedly of Fulani ethnicity.

In the south of the country, three Catholic priests from the Enugu Diocese were killed within a five month period following abduction or attempted abduction by Fulani assailants.

Elsewhere, Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP) released a video on 22 September depicting the execution of two Christian aid workers. The group linked the executions to both the faith and the state of origin of their victims.

Sources: Christian Solidarity Worldwide, Assist News Service

  • Pray for Rev Ishiaku Katung, his family and his congregation as they as they come to terms with their loss.
  • Pray for all those who have suffered injury, loss, separation and displacement as a result of recent violent attacks in Nigeria.
  • Pray against any kind of retaliation and ask the Lord to bring good from tragedy and suffering in Nigeria.

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China: Children prohibited from entering church buildings

China: Children prohibited from entering church buildings

The 11 July edition of China Women’s News published the following: At the meeting of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Xi Jinping said that it is necessary to incorporate loyalty to the CCP into the building of family bonds, family love and family values. Loyalty to the CCP, he declared, is the soul and lifeblood of the children. Parents should help their children “button the first button”, “take the first step”, and “sow the seeds of loyalty to the CCP” in the hearts of their children.

Since China launched its new religious regulations in February 2018, minors have been officially prohibited from entering church buildings. Church summer camps and Sunday schools are banned throughout the country. Parents cannot bring even their babies to church. The Education Bureau has issued notices to kindergartens, primary schools, and secondary schools to the effect that students are not allowed to participate in religious activities.

The CCP now sends three-person teams to churches to conduct two surprise inspections each month. If a child is found in the church building, the congregation will be fined 200,000 RMB (nearly $41,900).

While church summer camps are banned, the Communist Party has launched “little reporters” summer camps. At these camps, children not only learn communist ideology but are also trained how and why to spy on their parents, teachers, and friends and report their anti-communist behaviour and attitudes to the government.

Egypt: Marina was afraid she wouldn’t be able to go to school

Egypt: Marina was afraid she wouldn’t be able to go to school

Christians in Egypt have long suffered as a persecuted minority in their 90% Muslim nation, and they have also been targeted by ISIS attacks. At least 100 Egyptian Christians were killed in terrorist attacks in 2017, and at least seven more were killed in 2018.

The town of El-Arish, in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, was emptied of its Christian residents following an Islamist takeover.

Nine-year-old Marina was afraid she wouldn’t be able to go to school any more. Muslim attackers had driven her family and more than 1,000 other Christians from their homes and their jobs in the town. The Christians were scattered throughout Egypt.

“We are a big family, lots of brothers and sisters,” Marina told a pastor in her new town. “My father is too poor to send us to school.”

The pastor encouraged Marina by telling her the story of Jesus feeding five thousand people with five loaves and two fish.

Voice of the Martyrs sent backpacks, school supplies and school fees to El-Arish families about 10 days later. The pastor stopped at Marina’s house first to tell her the news. Marina and her mother cried with joy as they realised that Marina and all of her brothers and sisters would be able to attend school.

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