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LAOS: Christian Leader Died After Imprisonment

A Christian leader, Mr Tiang, died on 20 September of complications from diabetes, which worsened while he was in prison in Laos. Mr Tiang was imprisoned in June 2014, along with four others, for “treating a person without an official license, causing her to die.”

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UGANDA: Abuse Perpetrated Against Women of Faith

A teenager from eastern Uganda, whose parents had converted to Christianity, was gang raped and beaten a few weeks ago. The 19-year-old college student was still receiving hospital treatment nine days after the attack, which took place in the Bukedea district. Three masked men ambushed

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INDONESIA: Church meets outside Presidential Palace

At the heart of the world’s most populous Muslim-majority nation, a church held its 100th open-air morning service next to a main road. Bogor City, is said to be one of the world’s most densely populated areas. In April 2010, Bogor’s Taman Yasmin Indonesia Christian

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Victory for Indonesian Bible College Students

Imagine going to Bible college. It’s the opportunity to dedicate yourself to studying and training in God’s Word and to prepare for a lifetime of ministry. Now imagine going to Bible college in the world’s most populous Muslim nation; a Bible college that has faced

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NIGERIA: Army Frees Women and Child Hostages

Nigeria’s army has rescued at least a dozen kidnapped women and children held captive by the Islamic extremist group Boko Haram. In a statement, military spokesman Col Sani Kukasheka Usman said the group was rescued as the army cleared Boko Haram camps on Monday 14

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Vietnamese Bible Distribution 8

VIETNAM: No Sanctuary for Degar Christians

The Degar, or Montagnards, are collectively the indigenous tribal people of Vietnam. Today a remnant still survives in the Central Highlands, although systematic repression and violent persecution at the hands of the Communist regime in Hanoi threatens their existence. Hanoi deems Degar Christianity a “reactionary”

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PAKISTAN: Mob Sets House of Christian Family on Fire

The home of a Christian family was reduced to ashes when a mob torched it on 10 September. The radicals reportedly also tried to burn alive the Christian family inside the house. Christian Boota Masih, 38, who lives in Islamabad, says the alleged perpetrators were

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INDIA: Christians Brutally Assaulted by Radicals

Christian villagers in India’s Chhattisgarh state have reportedly been brutally assaulted by Hindu radicals following the passing of a resolution in the village banning all non-Hindu religious activities. The incident took place in Karmeri village on Tuesday 8 September. According to local sources, a mob

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LAOS: Two Christians Arrested for “Spreading the Faith”

Two Christians in central Laos have been detained on charges of “spreading the faith.” Bountheung Phetsomphone, 43, and Neuy, 40, who are both married with three children each, are being held in jail in Khounkham in Khammouane province. They were arrested on 2 September during

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PAKISTAN: Villagers Beaten in Hunt for ‘Blasphemer’

Please pray for our Christian family in Punjab after police detained a believer accused of blasphemy by business rivals and beat local Christians in their search for him. Allegations against Pervaiz Masih, 35, arose one morning in early September after he won a contract to

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TURKEY: Death Threats Target Protestants

Fifteen Turkish Protestant congregations and their leaders have been targeted since 27 August by a strident campaign of death threats sent to their Facebook, email, websites and mobile phones. The threats followed the style and jargon typically used by Islamic State (IS), vowing to kill,

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CUBA: Reverend Carballeda Released From Prison

Reverend Jesús Noel Carballeda, a 45-year-old Cuban pastor of an unregistered church in Havana who had been imprisoned for six months for holding unauthorised religious services, was released on 31 August. Reverend Carballeda was detained in early February and imprisoned in the Valle Grande prison

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CHINA: Attorney Zhang Kai ‘Disappeared’

In January 2014 the Chinese Communist Party secretary decided to “de-Christianise” the skyline by removing many crosses and churches under the guise of safety and beautification, in the southern coastal province Zhejiang, Xia Baolong. To date, between 1200 and 1500 churches have been impacted, several

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Asia Bibi

PAKISTAN: Court Clears Way for Father to Visit Asia Bibi

A Pakistani court has directed the Punjab provincial government and police to give the father of death row convict Asia Bibi prison visitation rights, a family lawyer says. The directive comes two days after Soran Masih filed a petition in the Lahore High Court demanding

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NIGERIA: 500 Days since Chibok Abductions

The President of the Ekklisiyar Yan’uwa a Nigeria (EYN, Church of the Brethren in Nigeria) has revealed that over 176 of the girls kidnapped from a school in north east Nigeria by Boko Haram terrorists last year are from families belonging to his denomination. Reverend

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LEBANON: Christian Minister Attacked by Two Men

A Christian minister in Lebanon was attacked last week by two men who threatened to “break him” if he carried out his plans to open an evangelistic centre for Muslims.  The minister required emergency medical care for injuries to his head and other parts of

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MEXICO: Plea for Intervention of National Government

On 1 August Álvaro López’s farmland was vandalised and farming tools were stolen by a “traditionalist” living in the same area. (The term “traditionalist” is used by those who have combined their ancestors’ pagan Mayan rituals with Catholicism.) While the police intervened, their relatively minor

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SUDAN: Pastors Finally Return Home

Two South Sudanese Presbyterian pastors who were imprisoned for over half a year in Sudan and faced the death penalty for espionage and other conspiracy charges have finally made it home after they were banned from leaving the country following their release earlier this month.

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LAOS: Pray for Shua, Beaten and Robbed

Since accepting Christ three years ago, ‘Shua,’ a poor Khmu Christian, has been beaten many times. Most recently, someone in his rural village poisoned his two pigs, his only property of value. “All the people of his village hate him and the 20 other Christians

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SUDAN: Travel Ban Appeal Fails for Released Pastors

Two South Sudanese pastors, accused of waging war against the state in neighbouring Sudan, were released from prison but have lost an appeal to have their travel ban lifted. The appeal to lift it was rejected after it came to light that the country’s security

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