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Project: 4WD for Pastor Y in Brunei

Project: 4WD for Pastor Y in Brunei

Brunei is a Muslim majority nation, where the people live under the rule of a dynastic sultan. The law of the land is a version of Islamic Sharia. While some historic churches exist in Brunei, no new church buildings are allowed. Christians make up 9% of the population, and there are approximately 20 legally registered church buildings in the country. Churches are often afraid to reach out to Muslims because they are monitored closely by the religious police.

Despite the risk, a few bold Christians, including Pastor Y, continue to bring the light of the Gospel to this dark land.

Recently, with the help of our supporters, Voice of the Martyrs Australia provided funds for Pastor Y to purchase a Toyota Fortuna 4WD.

Every week Pastor Y travels approximately 400-500 kilometres throughout Brunei to oversee several house churches. He regularly drives to the border of Malaysia, where he distributes Malay Bibles (illegal in Brunei) to tribal people. He can now navigate on roads that are in bad condition and/or flooded during heavy rain.

Pastor Y has baptised several secret believers this year alone, using his new car to transport many of them to the river.

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