SUDAN: Petr Jasek Shares about his Time in Prison
  • 09 March 2017

After spending 445 days imprisoned in Sudan on false charges that included “espionage” and “waging war against the state,” long-time VOM staff member Petr Jasek is finally home with his family in Prague. For nearly 15 months, Petr was moved among five prisons in Khartoum, each worse than the last. Along the way, the Czech […]

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CHINA: Pastor Yang Hua Sentenced
  • 12 January 2017

After secretly trying Yang Hua for “divulging state secrets,” a judge sentenced the pastor of Living Stone Church on 5 January to two years and six months in prison. Pastor Yang, also known by his legal name, Li Guoshi, has been held since 9 December 2015. While incarcerated, prosecutors tortured Yang and threatened his family […]

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SUDAN: Pastor Released from Prison
  • 05 January 2017

Christians in Sudan are thankful that Rev Kuwa Shamal Abazmam Kurri, the head of the mission office of the Sudan Church of Christ, was released from prison on Monday 2 January. He is one of four men detained since December 2015 in Khartoum who have been on trial on several charges. The trial will continue […]

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KYRGYZSTAN: Marat Niyazaliev Falsely Accused
  • 14 December 2016

Kyrgyzstani believer Marat Niyazaliev remains in an investigative prison after being falsely accused of molesting a young girl. At the time of the alleged molestation, Marat was in a city about 95 kilometres away, renewing his passport. He made a phone call on the bus ride home, and phone records from his service provider have […]

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A Letter From Prison
  • 12 December 2016

What’s it like to hear from your pastor husband, who has spent over a year in prison? Pastor Yang Hua was abducted by Chinese police 9 December 2015 and accused of “divulging state secrets”. Yang has not yet gone to trial, but his words to his wife reveal both a glimpse into a man concerned […]

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