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Persecution is Normal for Us

Persecution is Normal for Us

“In the past, persecution meant bodily harm, now they use psychological pressure. It’s a mental warfare out there too.” Therefore, what keeps you going? we asked. “I never thought about stopping serving the Lord. God is God and there is no other. I need to serve the Lord otherwise I feel empty.”

Sometimes a room can get quite crowded, but in this case, all seven of us were on the edge of our seats in a Chinese hotel listening intently as a Chinese couple described to us some powerful testimonies associated with their ministry.

Lei told us how important it was for her to have a solid foundation in the Word of God and expressed her profound gratitude that the all-important material used at the Bible college she attended, was supplied by VOM Australia. The teaching was specifically designed to equip God’s people for ministry and was extremely practical and systematic throughout the three-year course. The first year centred on basic theology from Genesis to Revelation and helped students understand the Bible. The last two years involved teaching the students how to serve the Lord in ministry, how to teach Sunday school, plant a church and basic leadership training.

Today this course, is being taught in over 20 provinces throughout China and there is a strict interviewing process when screening prospective students to ensure those chosen will remain committed to the course and persevere until it is completed.

New churches within China are excited to support this program as it improves the quality of ministry. After attending the course, students are more confident to stand up and preach and older believers in the congregation are given the opportunity to also learn from this program and become equipped for ministry.

Voice of the Martyrs is committed to providing the best ministry equipment which will improve the lives of believers who hunger to serve God.

“How did all this training impact on your desire to serve God?”
For Lei, her training at the Bible college meant being set apart for three years and do nothing else apart from studying God’s word. “I received very good teaching of the Bible there” Lei said. “My prayer life changed rapidly as we always were praying. I remember one time at the Bible college that there was a temple close by and a special event was happening. We could smell the incense coming into the windows.” She did not understand why they all started to pray but she felt a sense of fear in the room.

After a time of prayer there was an overwhelming feeling of peace among all the students and Lei understood the importance and power of prayer. Lei knows that prayer can be used as a weapon in spiritual warfare and whenever she has faced fear, she always remembers what happened at the Bible college.

Like pieces of a broken bottle
Many times people had told Lei she had a gift of teaching, but she rejected the thought as she only saw herself as a simple servant of the Lord. However, Lei constantly sought the Lord in prayer, seeking His will for her life. One night she heard a very peaceful voice say, “I want you to be a teacher of My Word.”

At the same time Lei saw a vision of a bottle broken into many pieces then suddenly the pieces came together, and the bottle was restored. Considering the vision Lei understood that her life had often been broken into many pieces. As Lei surrendered her life to the Lord for service and saw the broken bottle made whole, she now had the confidence the Lord had rebuilt her life for a purpose and God’s purpose for Lei was to share his Word with others.

This experience caused a radical change in Lei’s life. Her desire to teach God’s Word became firmly established, “My calling is very clear and even though I went through a time of transition I felt that in having the vision I found God’s direction for my life.”

After graduating from Bible college, Lei returned to her home town. She was immediately asked to teach a Bible class and preach at the church before the elders. All she had was her Bible and no preaching material, but Lei trusted the Lord and over a three-day period, Lei taught from Second Peter. Fulfilling the task, became a great encouragement to Lei and confirmation that God was with her as she used the teaching gift He had entrusted to His servant.
Because of Lei’s unwavering faith, she now has an inspiring testimony and her teaching ministry is expanding into new and exciting places. Lei is now responsible for a teaching program which is impacting believers throughout China.

Please pray for this ministry.

Bibles Plus 2018 is responding to the cries from persecuted believers, willing to risk all for a Bible. For a gift of $25, you will provide a persecuted Christian family with a Bible PLUS some basic life essentials.

Project: Ruth

Project: Ruth

In February we brought you the story of Ruth, a 53-year-old pastor in Indonesia whose father’s attempt to poison her ─ due to her conversion to Christianity ─ led to his own conversion.

Sometime after her father’s conversion Ruth went into West Papua and ministered to seven tribal groups. One village chief wanted to know if a servant of God would survive if they were given poison.

Ruth ate the poisoned food and although she did not die, she now suffers from permanent kidney damage. She must undergo haemodialysis treatment twice a week at a local hospital and have up to two injections a week.

This amazing woman of God continues to share God’s Word and shepherd believers in the church she has built.

VOM Australia, with the help of our supporters, has raised enough money to pay for Ruth’s weekly haemodialysis and injections for an initial 12 months, with the intent to continue this support into the future.

Read Ruth’s Story
Project: Motorbikes for Vietnam

Project: Motorbikes for Vietnam

Recently, with thanks to our supporters, we were able to gift two motorbikes to pastors in Vietnam.

One of the pastors oversees 10 churches. The other runs Bible study groups and other outreach programs located up to 10 kilometres from his location.

Each pastor had been praying for the Lord to supply transportation such as a motorbike. Receiving the gift of a motorbike will enable each pastor to reach out even further, helping his ministry to grow.

Project: Philippines Orphans

Project: Philippines Orphans

For several years, with the help of our supporters, we have been able to send funds to help Christian orphans in the Philippines.

Arlan was seven and Analie was six years old when they arrived at their new home after losing their parents. They have now graduated from high school. They each expressed their thanks and testified about the goodness of God in their lives. They were especially thankful for the support they have received over the years.
Our VOM contact in the Philippines confirmed that our prayers and financial support have been a great blessing to all the children.

There are currently 12 children living at the home, including one who is studying at Bible college. Our contact has asked us to keep praying that God will meet their needs.
Arlan and Analie are praying about the next step in their education.

“A man’s heart plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps.” Proverbs 16:9

Project: Support for Nigeria

Project: Support for Nigeria

Deborah Shior, a displaced woman with three children said life became miserable for her after Fulani herdsmen attacked her village in Nigeria. According to Deborah, the Fulani herdsmen became furious when Benue State Government passed the anti-open grazing bill. They started attacking and killing people. She said the attack started on 1 January 2018 at midnight while they were sleeping. The herdsmen started killing people. While they were trying to escape her husband was murdered, but she miraculously escaped with her three children. Since then, she has been living in the camp battling with hunger. All their belongings were destroyed by fire during the attack.

Our partners in Nigeria have reported that the total population of displaced persons (IDPs) between Benue and Nasarawa states is about 300,000, with about 160,000 from Benue. They continue to visit camps in the area providing medical treatment, rice, Bibles, and counselling. To date Voice of the Martyrs has sent a total of $46,570 to help displaced persons in Nigeria.