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TURKEY: Iranian Christian Refugees Struggle to Feed Families

TURKEY: Iranian Christian Refugees Struggle to Feed Families

Christian workers in Turkey report that restrictions put in place due to the global pandemic have hit Iranian refugees hard.

Many of the refugees lost everything when they fled their country because of persecution for their Christian faith; and now, many have lost the low-paying jobs they had obtained in Turkey and are struggling to feed their families.

In addition, they have little access to health care because the basic medical care provided to refugees has been stopped. “Some of our students who are unwell have avoided seeking medical treatment and are now in a critical situation,” a Christian worker wrote. Pray for these Iranian believers, who are far from home and may feel desperate.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Ask the Lord to provide for all their needs and strengthen their faith.
  • Pray they will receive much support, care and love from other believers in the community.
  • Pray for VOM Australia’s contacts in Turkey who are sharing the Gospel and ministering to Iranian refugees.

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BANGLADESH: Rohingya Christians Attacked

BANGLADESH: Rohingya Christians Attacked

A pastor and his daughter were among those abducted during a large-scale attack targeting Rohingya Christians in a refugee camp. According to local partners, kidnappers forced the girl to marry an older Muslim man. Several other families reported kidnappings as well.

The attack, which occurred in the Kutapalong, the world’s largest refugee camp, left 12 Christians wounded. The Christians were refugees from Myanmar who came to Bangladesh in 2007.

These families were actively involved in ministry within the camp and have faced significant opposition due to their Christian faith and testimony.

A similar attack happened in May 2019 by the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army who claim to be fighting for the liberation of the Rohingya. Local police insist that the ARSA is not involved and have downplayed the number of injured.

Since the attack, as many as 170 Christians have been moved to a segregated ‘transit camp’ for their protection. Some of the kidnapped believers are still missing. There are reports stating that one man has been promised release if he converts to Islam. The son of another kidnapped man has asked fellow Christians to please pray that the victims remain brave.

Sources: VOM Canada, Mission Network News

  • Ask the Lord to provide safety for all concerned, while granting them courage in the face of violent opposition.
  • Remember each of the abducted victims, including the girl has been forced into marriage. May they be rescued from captivity and any further victimisation.
  • Ask God to soften the hearts of the perpetrators, so they will come to sincere repentance and salvation in Christ.

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SYRIA: Christians Blocked from Refugee Camps

SYRIA: Christians Blocked from Refugee Camps

Christians who have fled war-ravaged areas of Syria are facing continued persecution while trying to seek refuge in camps set up in Jordan, Lebanon and elsewhere. A substantial number of them are being blocked by United Nations officials when attempting to enter the camps because the majority of UN officials working in these countries are Muslims.

Subsequently, many of the rejected refugees are being forced to live in hiding elsewhere, risking the danger of deportation and/or possible death if found.

As few as one percent of the overall refugees sponsored by other countries are Christian because the applications of those from religious minority groups have been blocked by the Muslim officials responsible for screening them. Former Anglican archbishop, George Carey, is suing the British Home Office, claiming that Britain is complicit in this discrimination.

Despite the dangerous conditions, other refugees who have been forced from their homes in Syria are finding faith in Christ.

Sources: CBN, VOM Canada

  • Pray for the many believers presently facing danger in war-torn areas of the Middle East; ask God to grant them divine protection and strength.
  • Pray that justice, mercy and compassion will be shown to those in need.
  • May the Lord continue to increase the great harvest of souls that’s taking place throughout the world, and that those who have fled to other nations will be given opportunities to share their testimonies with others in their new homelands.

Post your prayer in the comments below.

IRAQ: Pray for Refugees from Destroyed Qaraqosh

IRAQ: Pray for Refugees from Destroyed Qaraqosh

Qaraqosh, Iraq’s largest Christian city, was liberated from the self-proclaimed Islamic State (ISIS) in October 2016, but believers who lived under the terrorists’ control for two years continue to struggle for survival.

More than 20,000 people fled the city as Iraqi and Kurdish forces fought for its liberation, with thousands of Iraqi Christians fleeing to Iraqi Kurdistan and neighbouring Jordan. These people have lost everything. Their city has been destroyed, and ISIS stole everything they owned.

VOM workers recently distributed MP3 New Testaments to many families from Qaraqosh, praying with them and offering encouragement. VOM also ministers to 1,000 Christian families from Qaraqosh living in Jordan.

“It is difficult for me to describe the needs of the people we minister to,” a VOM worker said. “They are overwhelming and the suffering is indescribable. They are comforted in knowing their Western brothers and sisters know of their suffering and are praying for them.”

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Pray earnestly for these suffering Iraqi people; may the Lord be their protector and provider. May He strengthen their faith.
  • Ask the Lord to grant wisdom to the VOM contacts and other organisations who are ministering to those in need.
  • Ask the Lord to bring an end to the violence and provide people with the opportunity to return home and start to rebuild their lives.
IRAN: Christians Facing Persecution in Refugee Camps

IRAN: Christians Facing Persecution in Refugee Camps

Religiously motivated violence among immigrants at a refugee centre in the central German town of Rotenburg an der Fulda has left life for some Christians “still unbearable” despite praiseworthy responses to incidents. A case study, which Open Doors has released as an example for other refugee centres to follow, notes that “much action is needed” and demands there be “no more integration experiments at the expense of Christians.”

According to the report, the victims of religiously motivated attacks in most centres represent the minority, and the reasons why (militant) Muslims attack Christians and other religious minorities are not well known to the facilities’ operators and management.

The following letter was written by a group of Iranian Christian refugees:

“We, the Iranian refugees based in the city of Rotenburg, have fled from the Islamic Republic of Iran because we have been accused of being Christians and, therefore, have repeatedly been threatened by torture, imprisonment and the death penalty…. Here, where we have been accommodated presently, we are exposed to the same kinds of threats as before, this time at the hand of Afghan Muslims, and we fear for our lives. The Afghan refugees…call us Iranian Christians ‘apostates’ and ‘infidels’ because of our decision to leave Islam and consider the shedding of our blood as legitimate (or even necessary).

The Muslim Afghans, who by far outnumber us, have beaten us repeatedly…. They have threatened to kill us…. Therefore, we are very much afraid. We are asking you, our fellow citizens, desperately for help. You, who engage yourselves in the protection of pets, please also engage yourselves on our behalf. We are suffering these threats and difficulties because of our faith. In the hope for the day when throughout the world no one will be suppressed because of their faith. Thank you very much, your Iranian Christians.”

 Source: World Watch Monitor

Prayer Points

  • Uphold in prayer the Christians in refugee centres and camps around the world who are experiencing persecution from fellow inhabitants.
  • Pray a blessing of unity among all the refugees, so that even if they don’t practise the same religion, they will live in harmony with one another.
  • Ask the Lord to provide opportunities for His people to proclaim the Gospel through word and deed.