BANGLADESH: Rohingya Christians Attacked
  • 12 February 2020

A pastor and his daughter were among those abducted during a large-scale attack targeting Rohingya Christians in a refugee camp. According to local partners, kidnappers forced the girl to marry an older Muslim man. Several other families reported kidnappings as well. The attack, which occurred in the Kutapalong, the world’s largest refugee camp, left 12 […]

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SYRIA: Christians Blocked from Refugee Camps
  • 23 January 2020

Christians who have fled war-ravaged areas of Syria are facing continued persecution while trying to seek refuge in camps set up in Jordan, Lebanon and elsewhere. A substantial number of them are being blocked by United Nations officials when attempting to enter the camps because the majority of UN officials working in these countries are […]

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IRAQ: Pray for Refugees from Destroyed Qaraqosh
  • 19 January 2017

Qaraqosh, Iraq’s largest Christian city, was liberated from the self-proclaimed Islamic State (ISIS) in October 2016, but believers who lived under the terrorists’ control for two years continue to struggle for survival. More than 20,000 people fled the city as Iraqi and Kurdish forces fought for its liberation, with thousands of Iraqi Christians fleeing to […]

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IRAN: Christians Facing Persecution in Refugee Camps
  • 10 November 2016

Religiously motivated violence among immigrants at a refugee centre in the central German town of Rotenburg an der Fulda has left life for some Christians “still unbearable” despite praiseworthy responses to incidents. A case study, which Open Doors has released as an example for other refugee centres to follow, notes that “much action is needed” […]

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Middle East: We have to be His Witnesses
  • 07 November 2016

‘Sam’ reaches out to refugees displaced by ISIS from Iraq and Syria. By helping with practical needs – shelter, education, medical aid – Sam and other Christians have the opportunity to share the Gospel and introduce Muslim refugees to Jesus Christ. Such work comes with risk and threats, but Sam tells us that persecution creates […]

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