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INDIA: Released After Ten Years!

When the popular Hindu swami (religious leader), Lakshmanananda Saraswati, was killed in August 2008, Maoist rebels claimed responsibility for the attack. Despite this claim, Hindu militants turned their anger towards the Christians of Odisha state (then known as Orissa). Riots exploded, particularly in the Kandhamal

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Pastor Abraham Ben Moses Released from Prison

Pastor Abraham Ben Moses has been released from prison this month after spending two years behind bars for blasphemy in Indonesia. Pastor Abraham was first arrested in December 2017 after a YouTube video of him surfaced teaching about the differences between the Bible and the

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Pakistan: Asia Bibi Finally Free

Asia Bibi is finally out of Pakistan. Officials have confirmed that Asia has been released. Her lawyer has told CNN she is now in Canada, where two of her daughters have already been granted asylum. The Christian woman was acquitted of blasphemy by the Pakistan

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BANGLADESH: Christian Convert Released from Prison

A Christian convert from Islam who had been imprisoned for more than two years was released on bail recently. Sisir Islam became a believer in 2012 and immediately began sharing Jesus with others in his community, leading 17 friends to Christ. On 23 September 2014,

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ERITREA: 35 Prisoners Released!

In a surprising move, 35 prisoners of faith were released on bail from the Mai-Sirwa prison on 17 and 18 July, after serving more than four years. The 11 women and 24 men, all members of unregistered Christian churches, were mostly young people not in

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CHINA: Pastor Yang Hua Released from prison

Pastor Yang Hua of Living Stone Church in Guizhou Province, China was released from prison in the early hours of 19 June after completing a two-and-a-half-year sentence. According to friends and supporters, he is in urgent need of medical care and is suffering from several

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VIETNAM: Activists Released

Vietnamese lawyer and pro-democracy activist Nguyen Van Dai and his colleague Le Thu Hua were released from prison into exile on 7 June and were allowed to fly to Germany. On 5 April, Nguyen Van Dai, Le Thu Ha and four other activists were sentenced

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ERITREA: Prisoner Released

Voice of the Martyrs has received confirmation that Pastor Oqbamichel Haiminot (also spelled Okbamichael) has been released. VOM contacts say he is in need of medical care. Pastor Oqbamichel Haiminot, senior pastor of the Kale Hiwot (Word of Life) Church became the first senior Eritrean

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IRAN: Hadi Asgari Released on Bail

Hadi Asgari was released on 11 April from Evin Prison. Previously, he was refused bail, but a judge reconsidered and he was set free on conditional release after posting bail. Convert to Christianity, Hadi Asgari was originally arrested on 26 August 2016 while on a

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LAOS: Christians Released

Six Christians in Laos who spent more than a month in jail for celebrating Christmas have now been set free. The Christians in Vientiane province were taken into custody because they had not sought official permission to hold a Christmas celebration. Most were ethnic Hmong

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PAKISTAN: Killer of Christian Student Freed

The Multan High Court has ordered the release on bail of Ahmed Raza, the Muslim student arrested for killing Sharoon Masih, 17, his classmate of Christian faith. The latter was beaten to death after being found “guilty” of drinking from the same water dispenser as

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LAOS: Praise God for the Release of Four Men

Four Christian men arrested over the past two months were recently released from jail. The first believer to be arrested, ‘Sanyahak’ (pictured) was detained in early October after 40 people came to know Christ through his witness. The three other men were later arrested, amid

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INDIA: Six Christian Leaders Recently Released

Six house church leaders were released on 16-17 October after being detained for a month on false charges that they forced Hindus to convert to Christianity. The five men and one woman rejoiced that during their time in prison they were able to share the

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EGYPT: Coptic Girl Rescued

A 16-year-old Coptic Christian girl kidnapped on 28 June to be “converted to Islam, then married off or sold,” was released and returned to her family on 30 September after police found her and arrested her kidnappers in a city just outside Cairo. Her village

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NEPAL: Christians Freed

Four Nepali Christians sentenced last year to five years in prison for “violence and witchcraft,” after praying for a mentally ill woman, have been released after their sentences were overturned. In a statement, the Federation of National Christian, Nepal (FNCN) thanked the court for “setting

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NIGERIA: Kidnapped Pastor Released After Captivity

Christian leaders have announced that a previously abducted pastor was freed on 9 August, five days after being kidnapped. Rev Jen Tivkaa Moses had been seized on Friday 4 August by young Fulani herdsmen while travelling along the highway from Jos to Abuja in Plateau

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NORTH KOREA: Canadian Pastor Released

A Canadian pastor who was sentenced to a life term of hard labour in North Korea for “crimes against the state” in December 2015 has been released, the country’s official news agency says. A statement confirmed 62-year-old Hyeon Soo Lim had been released on humanitarian

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INDIA: Pray for Aju, Released After 42 Days in Prison

Authorities arrested Aju Mathew as he took 14 poor children living in a Christian children’s home on a field trip in southern India. They then falsely charged him with human trafficking and the conversion of minors. Aju spent 42 days in prison, enduring poor conditions

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KAZAKHSTAN: Yuri Pak Released from Prison

Yuri Pak was released from prison Saturday 17 June. Yuri a teacher, dean of a high school and a local church leader was sentenced to two years in prison, after being convicted of making a false emergency-services call. In April 2015, someone used Yuri’s mobile

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The Prison Pastor

Imprisoned as a threat to the state, Pastor Kashkumbaev had every reason to feel discouraged. But a pointed question from a Christian brother changed his perspective, leading to a powerful work of God in a Kazakhstani prison. “You will serve 10 years of hard time,”

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