SUDAN: Christians See the Light After Years of Oppression
  • 26 March 2020

Sudan, a place that’s seen genocide, war, and persecution for as long as some can remember is finally coming out of the dark. The nation’s new transitional government is making real reforms that allow the Sudanese people to live and worship more freely. On a recent trip to Sudan, American observers witnessed something that hasn’t […]

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PAKISTAN: Christian Prayer Service Attacked by Mob
  • 01 August 2019

On 23 July, Internal Salvation Church, a church located in Bhiki village in the Sheikhupura district of Punjab, was attacked by a mob of Muslim men. According to local reports, these men barged into the church during a prayer service and beat several members of the congregation. Javaid David, Chairman of the Hope for Light, […]

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MALAYSIA: State Police Found Responsible for Disappearances
  • 18 April 2019

Pastor Raymond Koh disappeared on 13 February 2017 when his car was forced to stop and he was abducted in broad daylight by masked men. On 3 April this year, the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia released findings that placed blame for the attack on the Special Branch of the state police. The disappearance of […]

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CHINA: Declaration of Religious Freedom
  • 14 February 2019

Voice of the Martyrs Korea and China Aid have launched a campaign to encourage church leaders to add their names to a declaration of religious freedom written by the Chinese pastor of the Chengdu Early Rain Church, Wang Yi. The document, entitled “A Joint Statement by Pastors: A Declaration for the Sake of the Christian […]

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CHINA: Pray for Christians Forced to Reject their Faith
  • 14 December 2017

Government officials in Jiangxi province have pledged to help Christians living in poverty under the condition that they reject their faith, follow communism and replace their pictures of Jesus with pictures of President Xi Jinping. While authorities claim the Christians are voluntarily replacing their religious images, believers have reportedly been visited by Communist Party officials […]

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