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On the Front Line

On the Front Line


Just recently, on 25 April, Australia commemorated ANZAC day. ANZAC day is one of Australia’s most important national occasions. It marks the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces in the Gallipoli campaign in Turkey during the First World War.

As I was watching historical footage and documentaries on a soldier’s life in trenches and the courage and sacrifice made during that war, my thoughts flashed back to the ultimate sacrifice our Lord Jesus made for us, as well as the millions of Christians who are paying the ultimate price for following Christ. They work in church planting ministries, sowing the seeds of the Gospel in the hearts of unbelievers, as well as training the next generation of Bible college students to further advance Christ’s kingdom. They are bringing the message of hope and peace to a world that has been at war and chaos since the fall of man.

Reading back over VOM Australia’s April 2016 newsletter made me understand how important it is as a Christian to support our brothers and sisters standing on the front lines of persecution. VOM’s Front Line Ministry helps deliver resources and training to assist pastors with sharing the Gospel in hostile areas. Our prayer and support is needed.
These courageous individuals are bringing hope and change by sharing Christ’s love in these dark areas of the world. They are soldiers of Christ. Their weapons? Just their faith and their Bible.

Whenever I read about Christians like Hadi in our newsletter, who was beaten for sharing the Gospel in India, I compare them to the ANZAC soldiers who died for our freedom. These believers are the unsung heroes of Christianity. They are bringing the power of the Gospel and the freedom that comes from it to every corner of the earth. May we continue to remember them in our thoughts and in our prayers. May our faith continue to be strengthened by their testimonies and their stories.

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09-BlogIn 2016 it is our vision to see many young people demonstrate their willingness to raise awareness and support for our persecuted brothers and sisters.

On 3 June 2016 it’s Sacrifice24:
A day to make a statement that you are Bound With Them as you support the persecuted church. It is a day when you sacrifice something for 24 hours. It could be your phone, food, furniture, Facebook, anything!

Get your friends and family to support you. The money you raise will go to showing love, encouragement and support to persecuted Christians.

Here are some of the projects that your fundraising could support:

Sending Bibles into North Korea via hydrogen balloons

1 x Hydrogen tank $20

20 x North Korean New Testaments $35

1 x Hydrogen balloon with 20 New Testaments $110

1 x GPS tracker $340


Sponsor a Bible college student in a restricted nation

1 Term worth of sponsorship for a Bible college student $130

6 Months sponsorship for a Bible college student $260

1 Full year of Bible college student sponsorship $520


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