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LAOS: Believer Evicted from His Village

A man who was imprisoned for converting to Christianity has now been evicted from his village in Laos for refusing to renounce his faith. Earlier this year, Bounyang and his family came to faith in Christ after experiencing a healing in their family following prayer

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EGYPT: Legal Battle Ends with ‘Return to Islam’

Mohamed Hegazy battled with the Egyptian courts for nine years to be officially recognised as a Christian. His fight has ended – with his apparent decision to return to Islam. Please pray for Mohamed, who has endured relentless persecution since he tried to change the

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A Promise to Act

“When he calls to Me, I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble; I will rescue him and honor him.” Psalm 91:15 In the bottom drawer of my dresser, carefully folded and organised by type, are stacks of clothes to mend. One

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Confidence in the Face of Opposition

Recently, 300 youth from churches across the Blue Mountains gathered at Springwood Anglican Church for a Thirteen Three Release event. Dave McPhail, the Youth Pastor, gave a great message which raised the question: As Christians, how can we have confidence in the face of opposition?

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Finding God in a Refugee Camp

“Be careful! Slow down!” I call to the young Syrian refugee girl as she dashes after her friend, stumbling over rocks and trash as she goes. Not that she could understand my English; they all spoke only Arabic. We’d had an interesting time explaining the

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Pray for Belgium, Pray for the World

The recent terror attacks in Brussels once again reiterated in our hearts and minds the danger of radical Islam to the Western world. It was a shock for many and raises questions about how a public place such as an airport; which is supposed to

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A Prisoner’s Hope: “We Are Never Alone”

“On a Sunday morning, I walked towards my church and mused about the sermon, which I would have to deliver…while I was debating with Jesus the sermon, which I had to deliver after half an hour, at once a car of the secret police stopped

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When an Islamic State fighter wants to talk

What would you do if an Islamic State fighter wanted to meet up with you? You’d probably have lots of questions. Is his spiritual hunger real, or is it a trap? Hear what happened when a Christian worker was introduced to an Islamic State fighter,

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Muslims are Coming to Christ

With the rise of the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS) in 2014, and many terrorist killings each year, it can be easy to focus on the negative. Instead, several Iranian Christian leaders worked together to share eight reasons why Muslims, particularly in Iran, are being drawn

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Heaven is Rejoicing

When a fully veiled woman came to his church and asked to be baptised, this Iraqi pastor wasn’t sure how to respond. But the woman had been reading and memorising the New Testament, and her faith in Christ was genuine. Listen to the account of

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Christmas for Persecuted Christians

Secret celebrations and the threat of attack: this is Christmas for many believers of the persecuted church. VOM Australia’s General Manager, Tom Carr, speaks on Vision Radio about Christmas in restricted nations, with how we can help and remember them. Listen to the full radio

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Three Misconceptions about Persecuted Christians

I have the privilege of helping connect believers with their persecuted family. In my conversations with believers, I have seen some common misconceptions about persecuted Christians. They are Super Hero Christians This is probably the most common misconception. When we hear powerful testimonies of believers

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What if Ananias Said No?

I have been reading the Book of Acts and read, again, the story of Saul’s conversation in Acts, chapter 9. I am always struck by how soon after Saul met Jesus that people were trying to kill him! As I have been reading in Acts

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“The Only Skill I Have is Escaping”

“Christianity is like a drug. Missionaries are gathering people so they can drink their blood. North Korea is the best and wealthiest country; everywhere else is suffering a lot more.” With propaganda like this, it is no wonder Stephen had no desire to seek Christianity

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WEST BANK: Pray for Mahir, Sharing the Gospel

‘Mahir,’ a Christian convert from Islam, recently led one of his friends to Christ after attending a training conference in Israel’s West Bank. The VOM-sponsored conference focused on evangelism and sharing the love of Jesus with others. Mahir and others were challenged to put what

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MIDDLE EAST: Christian Convert Forced to Leave Home

‘Zahirah,’ a Christian convert from Islam, was abused by her husband long before she became a Christian and her husband became even more violent when she put her faith in Christ. She and her children left home and are now living in a building shared

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LAOS: Pray for Shua, Beaten and Robbed

Since accepting Christ three years ago, ‘Shua,’ a poor Khmu Christian, has been beaten many times. Most recently, someone in his rural village poisoned his two pigs, his only property of value. “All the people of his village hate him and the 20 other Christians

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PAKISTAN: Pray for a Muslim Leader Studying the Bible

A VOM partner asks that we pray for a mosque leader in Pakistan who started a Bible study course two months ago. ‘Mohammed’ is a respected Muslim leader who teaches the Koran to children. He told Christian workers that he feels no peace in his

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