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Project: ABC Discipleship Training School

Project: ABC Discipleship Training School

The Chinese church is under some of the greatest persecution in the past 50 years. Despite this, thousands of Chinese are converting to Christianity each day. The church needs more trained leaders to continue advancing the underground church and to guard against heresy.

VOM Australia, is partnering with World Compassion to supply foundational Christian teaching (known as ABC Discipleship Training) to new converts and current Christians who desire training and discipleship.

When asked about the program, a recent graduate stated:

“In my mind, there is an urgent need for ABC training to help Chinese believers become more spiritually mature. Among Chinese churches there are still so many that do not have a good foundation in understanding the Gospel.

“ABC teaching is different than other materials. Its teaching is in great detail yet is very clear so that people easily understand it. It also leads people to not only learn but to put the Bible into practice in their daily lives so that they become fruitful.

“I have seen brothers and sisters who have learned ABC and their lives have been completely changed. Before they learned ABC, they just knew about Jesus, and after they really experience Jesus, they come to experience both his presence and his love.

“It also helps preachers. Before ABC their teaching is often only at surface level, but by learning the ABC material, they are able to go deeper and are better able to understand the plans of God.

“ABC study can help people obey the great mission of God and make the church stronger by encouraging and increasing people’s faith. It can help them understand how much God loves them and give them the strength to love each other.”

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