INDONESIA: Prison Sentences for Church Bombings
  • 18 April 2019

A married couple has been convicted and sentenced for their part in the bombing of three churches in Surabaya in May 2018. Agus Satrio Widodo received a sentence of eight years, and his wife Damayanti received 40 months after a court found them guilty of “aiding criminal acts of terrorism,” as well as criminal conspiracy. […]

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EGYPT: Facebook Post Leads to Imprisonment
  • 19 December 2018

An Egyptian court has sentenced a Coptic Christian to three years in prison after he was found guilty of “insulting Islam in the first degree”. Abdo Adel Bebawy, 43, was accused in July of publishing a post on his Facebook page that insulted Islam. In his post, Adel had compared Islam’s prophet, Muhammad, with Jesus. […]

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IRAN: Four Christians Sentenced to Prison for Believing in Jesus Christ
  • 06 September 2018

Iran’s hard-line government has sentenced four Christians to harsh prison terms for putting their faith in Jesus Christ. Pastor Victor Bet-Tamraz and his wife Shamiram Issavi, who are ethnic Assyrian Christians, and Amin Afshar Naderi and Hadi Asgari, who are Christian converts from Islam, were sentenced to a combined total of 45 years in prison […]

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IRAN: Pastor’s Son Receives Verdict
  • 19 July 2018

Ramiel Bet Tamraz and a friend have each been sentenced to four months’ imprisonment for “acting against national security” by joining house churches. Judge Ahmadzadeh oversaw the hearing on 18 June and delivered the verdict on 11 July. There is likely to be an appeal, with Ramiel’s lawyer asking for the sentence to be reduced […]

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VIETNAM: New Religion Law Fuels Christians’ Fears
  • 01 February 2018

Vietnam’s Law on Belief and Religion, which came into force on 1 January has alarmed Christians. It insists religious groups must be registered and approved by the government. They also believe that the law’s vague wording could be exploited to limit church activities. Despite some improvement in religious freedoms in Vietnam in recent years, Christians […]

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