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COLOMBIA: Widow Being Sought by Husband’s Killer

COLOMBIA: Widow Being Sought by Husband’s Killer

The guerrilla leader responsible for the murder of Luz’s husband was released from prison in Colombia and is now seeking Luz.

The man returned to the remote community where Luz now lives, telling her neighbours that he wanted to find her. Within a few days of his release, a SWAT vehicle of armed men also stopped by her farm in search of her.

Luz was pregnant with twins when her husband went missing in 2007. The 30 pieces of his body were returned to the family in black plastic garbage bags. Luz and her three children have been moved to a safe location.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

 Prayer Points

  • Pray the Lord will pour out His protection upon Luz and her children. Pray no further evil will come against them.
  • Pray they will not be fearful but trust in God and his perfect purposes.
  • Pray the Lord will reveal Himself to the guerrilla leader, bringing conviction, repentance and an opportunity for salvation.



MEXICO: Christian Families Left to Starve after Raid

MEXICO: Christian Families Left to Starve after Raid

On 15 October, local government officials and community leaders raided farmland in the remote village of Mariano Matamoros as part of an ongoing effort to expel a small Protestant Christian community from the region.

According to sources, 158 Christians in the village, located in the state of Chiapas, were left almost entirely without food after the raid resulted in the theft of 6 hectares (approximately 15 acres) of crops from land owned by the Protestant Christian community.

Since 2012, Protestant Christians in Mariano Matamoros have been the target of repeated attacks by local leaders intent on forcing the Protestant community to “reconvert” to Catholicism or leave the village, according to local sources. Members of the Protestant community say that these incidents include the confiscation of property, physical attacks, and denial of access to public utilities. As recently as 14 June, village leaders cut off water and sewage services to members of the Christian community.

Rights groups in Mexico say that authorities at the State level in Chiapas have repeatedly refused to take action in the Mariana Matamoros case, despite being presented with evidence of illegal conduct. Requests by the local Protestant community for compensation for stolen goods and destruction of property have also been ignored.

Source: International Christian Concern

 Prayer Points

  • Pray for an adequate provision of food for the Christian families and their children who have had their crops stolen.
  • Pray that Mexican authorities will be unable to ignore these incidents but will initiate justice and protection for the many in similar situations.
  • Pray that the Christians will respond in such a godly way that their persecutors will see God’s power in them.
MEXICO: Plea for Intervention of National Government

MEXICO: Plea for Intervention of National Government

On 1 August Álvaro López’s farmland was vandalised and farming tools were stolen by a “traditionalist” living in the same area. (The term “traditionalist” is used by those who have combined their ancestors’ pagan Mayan rituals with Catholicism.) While the police intervened, their relatively minor scolding of the perpetrators was little to comfort Álvaro and his fellow evangelical Christians who live in constant uncertainty regarding their personal safety.

Evangelicals in the southern states of Mexico face regular opposition including harassment, expulsion from their villages, attacks against their churches and private property, threats of sexual assault, imprisonment, torture and murder.

While the state of Chiapas officially guarantees the protection of vulnerable groups such as evangelical Christians, governing authorities have not been effective in the enforcement of applicable laws. In a recent commission to raise awareness of religious persecution, the state’s Secretary General encouraged minority groups suffering discrimination with the promise of necessary action. Yet the recent attack on Álvaro and the continued harassment of other evangelicals within the state prove that no substantial progress has been made.

Under the guise of protecting their syncretistic rituals and customs, traditionalists have purposely cut off supplies of water and electricity from various evangelical Christian communities in Chiapas and also prevented many families from cultivating crops on their own farmlands. As the state government has ignored or blatantly supported such hostilities, these believers have begun urgently calling on the country’s federal government to mediate on their behalf and uphold agreed upon protection.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs Mexico, The Voice of the Martyrs USA

Prayer Points

  • Ask the Lord to strengthen the suffering Christians of Mexico so they can endure these difficult struggles (Hebrews 10:32-34).
  • Pray those in authority will take necessary action to protect evangelical Christians and other minority groups.
  • Pray for the attackers; may they experience the reality and power of the Gospel.