PHILIPPINES: Anchor Bay Bible College
  • 10 March 2017

Students celebrating the goodness of God, giving thanks for the financial support received from Australian Christians to support the students and upgrade the Bible School.  

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Meet Max
  • 26 August 2015

Maxensius is 24 and studies at our Bible college in Indonesia. He loves playing soccer and his favourite team is Barcelona. In the video above, Max speaks about the troubles he faces as he witnesses to street kids, but how he has been able to overcome these obstacles by showing Christ’s love to them. “I will […]

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Meet Anti
  • 18 August 2015

Anti is 20 years old. When Anti was 7 years old, her village was attacked by Muslim extremists and she had to hide with her family in the jungle. Now she is passionate about Jesus and studying at Bible college. She said, “When I first arrived, I cried and I wanted to go home, as it […]

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Meet Anti, Max and Betty
  • 11 August 2015

Each one of these students is sponsored by Thirteen Three to study theology in Indonesia, the most Muslim-populated country in the world. Students attending Bible college in restricted nations risk their lives, and they know it. They can face isolation from family and friends, physical and psychological attacks. These continue after their graduation. So why […]

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