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LAOS:  No Rice for Christians

LAOS: No Rice for Christians

Seven families from two tribal groups are nearing starvation after village authorities confiscated their farmland because of their faith in Christ.

About 50 people from the Khmu and Hmong tribes form the seven families. “Their faith is strong, and everyone is actively serving one another and the Lord,” wrote a VOM partner.

The families are experiencing severe persecution, however. Authorities have taken their land and do not allow them to farm. When the village experienced a drought earlier this year, the government distributed rice to everyone except Christians. Authorities told them that if they want help, they must renounce their faith. “

Presently, the Christian families are in a dire situation with no food to eat. They have tried to dig up yam and to hunt jungle animals to sell in order to get rice to eat,” the VOM partner wrote.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Pray that the Lord will keep these families strong in their faith and give spiritual strength to each one who calls upon His name.
  • Pray the authorities in Laos come to hear and experience the love of Christ our Saviour.
  • Pray that the families receive food as well as a place for them to hold weekly worship.

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