TAJIKISTAN: Government Enforcing Ban on Religious Education
  • 07 March 2019

Government authorities in Tajikistan appear to be enforcing an existing law that prohibits religious instruction for children. According to Christian contacts in the country, officials from the KGB and the Committee of Religion visited several churches recently, issuing written warnings against children’s religious education. Although the law prohibiting religious education for children has existed since […]

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TAJIKISTAN: Pray for Gulnora, Wife of Imprisoned Pastor
  • 08 February 2018

Gulnora’s problems with hypertension began soon after the secret police arrested her husband, Pastor Bakhrom Kholmatov. Bakhrom, 42, was arrested on 10 April 2017 in a raid on the Sonmin Sonbogym (Good News of Grace) Protestant Church by secret police. They also harassed and beat church members while confiscating items from the church, including the […]

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TAJIKISTAN: Pastor Imprisoned for Three-Year Term
  • 10 August 2017

In early July, Pastor Bakhrom Kholmatov was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment by the Khujand City Court in Tajikistan’s Sogd Region for allegedly “singing extremist songs in church and inciting religious hatred”. Officials have threatened the pastor’s family, friends and church members with reprisals if they reveal any details of his case, trial or imprisonment. […]

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