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CHINA: Sichuan Church Members Detained During Easter Service

CHINA: Sichuan Church Members Detained During Easter Service

During an online worship session in China to celebrate Easter Sunday, several key members of the heavily persecuted Early Rain Covenant Church (ERCC) were taken from their homes.

The Sichuan house church has not been able to gather in person since the government clamped down on the church on 9 December 2018 and arrested their pastor and other leaders. This Easter, the church was conducting an online worship session, when suddenly six leaders were taken by the Public Security Bureau from their homes.

A member of ERCC said, “At that time I was also in the Zoom call, there was a long period of time where I did not hear a thing. I thought it was the network connection issue at first, but I soon heard a quarrel erupt. Our co-worker Wang Jun was questioning some people, [saying], ‘Who are you to do this [to us]?’”

She added that, in addition to Wang, other leaders such as Guo Haigang, Wu Wuqing, Jia Xuewei, Zhang Jianqing and Zhang Xudong were also taken away. One member’s home had its electricity cut off, while others received phone calls that “police [were] coming to visit them soon.”

The six briefly detained Christians have since been released, and their electricity was recovered in the afternoon.

It is not uncommon for the local authorities to take additional measures against ERCC during major Christian celebrations or anniversary events. However, the latest detention also took place after church member Chen Yan decided to file a lawsuit against the authorities for unlawful harassment and surveillance against her and her husband Xiao Luobiao for more than a year. Last week, she detailed her experience with the security officials and her intention to sue in a series of blog posts published online.

Source: International Christian Concern

  • Pray for all the leaders and members of Early Rain Covenant Church. Give thanks for their faithfulness and resolve to continue to love and serve the Lord and each other.
  • Pray for wisdom and protection of church leaders across China and others who have the attention of the Chinese authorities.
  • Pray that this past and current unrest in China, will be used by God for the spiritual benefit of many in China and around the world.

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