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TANZANIA: New Believer Rejected

TANZANIA: New Believer Rejected

Juma met with his pastor secretly after coming to Christ, afraid that his Muslim family would find out about his conversion. When his wife eventually found some of his Christian books, she immediately called his brothers, all radical Muslims. His brothers burned the books, beat Juma and threatened him.

When word spread that he was a Christian, Juma was completely rejected by his relatives, neighbours and friends. He also lost his job. “No one will hire him, as no one is willing to give an apostate work,” a VOM worker said.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Pray for Juma, that the Lord would minister to him during this season of loss. Pray he will be given the spiritual strength to endure.
  • Ask our Lord to supply Juma with all his needs. Pray for employment opportunities.
  • Ask the Lord to have mercy on Juma’s wife and family members. Ask Him to soften their hearts and impress upon them the need to be reconciled to God through Christ.

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TANZANIA: Maasai Warriors Attack New Christians

TANZANIA: Maasai Warriors Attack New Christians

About 20 Maasai warriors attacked four young Maasai Christians at a Sunday morning church service recently, whipping the men and beating them with clubs.

The young Christians ─ Murri, 16; Lilash, 19; Lekutina, 16; and Sairiamu, 17 ─ had placed their faith in Jesus only days earlier.

In opposition to Maasai custom, in which warriors wear long hair, the four teenagers had cut their hair as an outward symbol of their conversion to Christianity; Maasai traditionalists in the community were offended by their act of rebellion. “Attacks on Christians [in this place] are increasing,” a VOM worker said. This was the third attack in less than a year.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Pray the Lord will strengthen the faith of these new believers; commit to the Lord their continued Christian growth.
  • Pray they may experience complete healing and pray they will spiritually and physiologically overcome the opposition they have faced.
  • Pray their new lives in Christ will be a powerful witness to their community.

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TANZANIA: Punished and Bullied Because of his Faith

TANZANIA: Punished and Bullied Because of his Faith

A young boy who is one of only two Christians at his school in Zanzibar has been punished by teachers and bullied by students because of his faith.

One day a group of Muslim boys locked him in an outhouse for several hours, and another day they held him down and forced him to drink urine. The Muslim boys were never punished.

This boy’s experience reflects a growing trend of persecution targeting Christian youth. All schools in Zanzibar are required to teach Arabic and Islamic studies, and students cannot graduate without passing exams in those subjects. Teachers are encouraged to discipline Christian students harshly and rebuke their beliefs.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Pray that this Christian boy and all Christian youth in Zanzibar will be strengthened in their faith. May they receive great encouragement from one another and from other believers.
  • Pray for their protection and ask the Lord to work in the hearts of the students and teachers to bring about a change in attitude.
  • Pray the church in Zanzibar will be a strong and persuasive witness for the Lord and His word.
TANZANIA: Pastor Killed while Showing the JESUS Film

TANZANIA: Pastor Killed while Showing the JESUS Film

A pastor working in a remote area of Tanzania was attacked by angry villagers while showing the JESUS film.

Pastor Paul Oloru was described as influential in his community, but he angered some tribal leaders by speaking out against customs like female circumcision and tribal religious practices.

While the pastor was showing the JESUS film at the end of July, a group of warriors from the village interrupted the movie and began beating those who had gathered to watch. Pastor Oloru was speared through the chest and later died from an infection of the wound.

Three others were also badly wounded, and the attackers destroyed the motorcycles of two pastors working with Pastor Oloru.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Pray that the members of Pastor Oloru’s church will remain faithful and not give into fear.
  • Commit to the Lord Pastor Oloru’s family and fellow Gospel workers as they continue to come to terms with their loss.
  • Pray for the perpetrators, may they have the opportunity to hear the Gospel and be brought to repentance.
TANZANIA: Christians Possessions Taken

TANZANIA: Christians Possessions Taken

A pastor and several church members in a south-eastern Tanzanian village had all of their belongings and cash confiscated after they refused to contribute to a ceremony involving witchcraft.

Village leaders had called witch doctors to remove “curses” on their village, and everyone in the community was required to make a donation for the ceremony. Because the ceremony involved witchcraft, the Christians refused to contribute.

Angered by the Christians’ refusal, village leaders forced their way into the pastor’s house and took his possessions. They later did the same to other church members, even taking a large amount of cash from a young man who had saved the money to pay for his wedding.

When the Christians turned to police for help, the police called them “idiots and ignorant fools.” Village leaders then threatened the pastor and told him they intended to destroy the church and get rid of all Christians in the village.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Pray the Lord may use this injustice ultimately for the good of the pastor and his church members and also for His Glory in the salvation of many (Genesis 50:20).
  • Pray that these believers will not be intimidated but be strengthened by God. May they experience His bountiful provision.
  • Pray for the village leaders and all those who took part in the ceremony.