SOMALIA: Scholars Urge Followers to Defend Islam
  • 21 May 2020

Realising that a growing number of Somalis are leaving Islam and embracing Christianity, Somali Islamic leaders are issuing warnings and urging their followers to defend Islam. A prominent Somali sheikh in Nairobi, Kenya, used his Friday address to warn that Somalia is not 100% Muslim anymore and that many young Somalis are leaving Islam. He […]

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KENYA: Christians Face New Threats Along Somali Border
  • 07 May 2020

Christians in the Kenya-Somalia border region are concerned about new threats by the Somali militant group al-Shabaab. The militants released a video recently in which they threatened “infidels” coming into the region, calling the settlement of Christians in Muslim areas “Kenyan colonisation”. Kenyan teachers and other professionals were withdrawn from two counties near the Somali […]

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INDONESIA: Persecution Continues for Christians in Lock Down
  • 30 April 2020

Many Christians are facing increased persecution during the coronavirus pandemic, especially in parts of Indonesia where even small family gatherings of Christians are being protested. Pastor Si of Huria Kristen Batak Protestant (HKBP) church was gathering with a very small group of family in his home last Sunday when a Muslim Hajj and neighbourhood leader […]

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INDIA: Believers Forced to Pose “like Christ on the cross”
  • 24 April 2020

Believers in India were taunted, beaten and forced to pose “like Christ on the cross” in police custody when extremists accused them of “forced conversion”. Pastor Indresh Kumar Gautam, aged 24, and four others were arrested after 30 Hindu extremists broke up their Sunday service in Pratapgarh district, Uttar Pradesh. As extremists armed with sticks […]

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CHINA: Religious Funerals Banned
  • 05 March 2020

Christian funerals are being forbidden in some areas of China, as authorities begin enforcing new regulations to ensure the conducting of so-called “civilised” ceremonies. In the state of Zhejiang, funerals are only allowed to take place in government-approved church buildings. While clergy may be permitted to visit families of the deceased in homes, they are […]

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