TURKEY: Christian Evangelist Murdered
  • 28 November 2019

On 19 November Korean evangelist Jinwook Kim was stabbed on the streets in the south-eastern Turkish city of Diyarbakir. He later died in hospital from his injuries; he was 41 years old. The Public Security Branch Directorate of Murder Bureau has arrested a 16-year-old suspect and an investigation is ongoing. Kim had arrived in Diyarbakir […]

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TURKEY: Christian Convert Teacher Dismissed from Duties
  • 14 November 2019

Turkish Christians request prayer for Christian convert, Esma, who has been withdrawn from her teaching duties. She is being investigated by the National Education Board after the Turkish press accused her of missionary activities through her social media account. Esma, 40, a graduate from Ataturk Religious Faculty of Erzurum University, has been working at Hasan […]

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Life at School
  • 28 October 2019

After the age of 10, every child in Turkey must attend Islamic education classes. However, Beren’s family are Christian and so they were able to obtain permission for an exemption. During religion classes Beren was permitted to sit in another room and do other schoolwork. Beren would also not need to attend the religious exams. […]

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TURKEY: Entry Ban on Christian Workers
  • 23 May 2019

For years Turkey has placed restrictions on religious leadership training. As a result, many pastors in the country have been foreign nationals. However, new visa restrictions are now being placed on foreign religious workers entering the country. In early April, an American pastor (name withheld) had to travel to the United States for a family […]

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From our CEO: February 2019
  • 24 January 2019

In Turkey, both Christian children and new converts from Islam, must learn to deal with the likelihood that they will be persecuted for their faith in Jesus. The unimaginable pressure Christians face as they covertly practise their faith is often taxing on families. Equipping these vulnerable believers is a critical focus for Voice of the […]

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