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Project: Support for School Children in Vietnam

Pastors and preachers in restricted nations often struggle financially to support their families while they are ministering. Many of them travel frequently to visit congregations, preach and train pastors, and sustaining an income can be difficult. Voice of the Martyrs Australia provides support in many

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Vietnam: Prayer Request

UPDATE 22 March 2019: Thank you for your prayers, our brother has now had surgery. Please pray for his recovery and his safety. Our persecuted brother in Vietnam is in need of our prayers for healing. Brother Y was recently released from prison after serving

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Christian Persecution in Communist Vietnam

Vietnam’s communist leaders have long considered Christianity to be a US propaganda tool. Foom was imprisoned for his faith and every day the guards demanded that he sign a document stating that Christianity is a false religion from the United States. But each time he

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Project: Vietnam – Homes for Persecuted Families

Last year, eight families (around 46 people) were driven out of their village in Vietnam just because of their faith in Christ. Their houses and land were confiscated and in April 2018 they left Bac Yen, their hometown and stayed in a very poor local

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Project: Motorcycles for Pastors in Vietnam

Travelling by motorcycle is the most economical and effective transportation for pastors to grow their ministries in many parts of the world. Countless pastors across Vietnam are in charge of a number of different churches and need to travel long distances, often on muddy roads

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VIETNAM: Christians Repeatedly Beaten and Arrested

For many years, Christians living in the highlands of Vietnam have faced persecution and harassment from both government agents and fellow citizens. In this communist country, where Christianity is considered a threat to the regime, Hmong Christians face frequent discrimination ─ to the point of

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Project: Support for Women in Vietnam

Persecution of Christians varies in Vietnam, but most frequently occurs in the Central Highlands and in remote rural areas. Persecution includes imprisonment, harassment, discrimination, threats and attacks. Recently, with the help of our supporters, Voice of the Martyrs Australia has been able offer support to

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Former Muslim Becomes an Evangelist

David’s thirst for truth started as a young child in Indonesia during his Islamic schooling. Today, as a Christian, David is committed to bringing the Gospel to Muslims. David’s father was the local village imam and held a strict Muslim regime in the family’s home

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Project: Vietnam Bible College

With the help of our supporters, we have helped fund a Bible college in Vietnam. We recently sent much needed funds for the purchase of classroom equipment and bedding for boarding students. Our contact at the Bible college reports that the classrooms have been fully

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VIETNAM: Activists Released

Vietnamese lawyer and pro-democracy activist Nguyen Van Dai and his colleague Le Thu Hua were released from prison into exile on 7 June and were allowed to fly to Germany. On 5 April, Nguyen Van Dai, Le Thu Ha and four other activists were sentenced

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Vietnamese Christians Wrestle with New Religious Laws

The Law on Belief in Religion which came into force on 1 January 2017, has caused grave concern amongst the Christian community in Vietnam because the government insists religious groups must be registered and approved. The way in which the wording of the law can

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Impacting Lives

Priscila who is now 40 years of age told us her husband and father of her three children had been killed during the riots which occurred in 2008. Without the main breadwinner providing for the family, Priscila has found it difficult to care for and

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The Bible – their Greatest Treasure

Dear friends, To the many persecuted believers in Nigeria, Vietnam and India this is a crucial time. They are facing increasing pressure from those who are enemies of our faith. Bibles and Rice is a campaign to first feed their hunger for God’s Word and

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Project: Water Filter Distribution

We asked our supporters to help us put clean water into the hands of persecuted believers. We are extremely thankful for the donations received so far and have started distributing water filters to restricted nations. One water filter has been sent to a Bible college

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Project: Motorbikes for Vietnam

Recently, with thanks to our supporters, we were able to gift two motorbikes to pastors in Vietnam. One of the pastors oversees 10 churches. The other runs Bible study groups and other outreach programs located up to 10 kilometres from his location. Each pastor had

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VIETNAM: Hmong Christians Hospitalised After Mob Attack

Four Vietnamese Christian families – 24 people in all – have been attacked by a mob led by the village chief, local sources have revealed. Four people were hospitalised for eight days after the 1 March attack, with injuries to their heads and arms. All four families

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Projects for Persecuted Christians: COMMUNIST WORLD

Total expenses for Projects Communist World = $427,184 Making an impact in the lives of persecuted believers in restricted nations is first and foremost in our minds, to provide with your partnership, the tools to equip them for ministry. Owing to the sensitivity of our

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From our CEO – April 2018

“The king’s favour is toward a servant who acts wisely, but his anger is toward him who acts shamefully.” Proverbs 14:35 The team at VOM can be proud that we have once again surpassed our previous years of distribution, but only by the grace of

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VIETNAM: New Religion Law Fuels Christians’ Fears

Vietnam’s Law on Belief and Religion, which came into force on 1 January has alarmed Christians. It insists religious groups must be registered and approved by the government. They also believe that the law’s vague wording could be exploited to limit church activities. Despite some

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The Secret Butterflies

Just over six years ago, we began funding a unique women’s ministry which we called the Butterfly program in Vietnam and the results of this ministry have been overwhelming! This year in more than 1000 churches throughout northern Vietnam, over 60,000 women have been reached

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