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Project: Water Filter for Indonesia

Project: Water Filter for Indonesia

In the slum area of Medan in Indonesia, much of the water is unsafe to drink and highly polluted, leaving many communities at risk.

Voice of the Martyrs Australia, with the help of our supporters, was able to step in and help one church community in the area. The church was greatly affected as more than 70 people are in attendance including many children.

Earlier this year, funds for a water filter were distributed by VOM and the entire church and some surrounding communities now have access to fresh and clean water.

The water filter is a high-volume point-of-use water purifier with built-in safe storage that provides safe drinking water in many settings. It prevents waterborne disease such as diarrhoea, typhoid, cholera and worms.

This community believe that it is evidence their prayers are being heard and are now gathering much more with joy in their hearts. They are praying and believing for other communities to have access to this filter one day too.

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Project: Water Filter Distribution

Project: Water Filter Distribution

We asked our supporters to help us put clean water into the hands of persecuted believers. We are extremely thankful for the donations received so far and have started distributing water filters to restricted nations.

One water filter has been sent to a Bible college in the Philippines and another to a Vietnamese village. The recipients have expressed their gratitude for the safe drinking water.

Three water filters have been sent to Indonesia to help in a pastor’s ministry. One has been placed in the pastor’s church building and is being used by 17 families. Another filter has been placed in a village that includes 70 children to whom the pastor ministers to twice a month. The pastor no longer needs to buy water for the children. The last water filter has been placed in the pastor’s home and is being used by the pastor, who suffers from kidney disease in addition to a further four families.

Ten water filters have been sent to a Muslim dominant region in North-East Nigeria, to provide purified water to minority Christian people who have experienced persecution in many forms. Eight filters have been placed in strategic locations around a Bible college located in Jos. They are accessible to more than 400 students, as well as staff.   Two filters are placed in a primary school which is serving as a home for Boko Haram orphans and the surrounding community.

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