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A young boy who is one of only two Christians at his school in Zanzibar has been punished by teachers and bullied by students because of his faith.

One day a group of Muslim boys locked him in an outhouse for several hours, and another day they held him down and forced him to drink urine. The Muslim boys were never punished.

This boy’s experience reflects a growing trend of persecution targeting Christian youth. All schools in Zanzibar are required to teach Arabic and Islamic studies, and students cannot graduate without passing exams in those subjects. Teachers are encouraged to discipline Christian students harshly and rebuke their beliefs.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Pray that this Christian boy and all Christian youth in Zanzibar will be strengthened in their faith. May they receive great encouragement from one another and from other believers.
  • Pray for their protection and ask the Lord to work in the hearts of the students and teachers to bring about a change in attitude.
  • Pray the church in Zanzibar will be a strong and persuasive witness for the Lord and His word.