Christian Persecution: Testimonies

Christian Persecution: Testimonies from the Persecuted Church

Every day, thousands of Christians around the world are persecuted for following our Lord Jesus Christ. Each one has their own story; not only of the persecution they have suffered, but also of God’s work in and through them. More than merely stories of persecution, these are stories of faith, courage and opportunity. Let these testimonies from the persecuted church encourage your faith, move you to pray, and urge you to share them with others.

26 November 2018

Sarah of China

Xianzhi ”Sarah” Liu was beaten and imprisoned for six years in China. Sarah’s Trail of Blood is a powerful dramatization of what happened to this courageous woman of God because of her faith in Jesus Christ. You’ll be inspired by her story. If you would

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07 May 2018

Abraham Ben Moses

Update 5 May 2019 Abraham Ben Moses has been released from prison. Thank God for Abraham’s release and pray for his family.   On 7 May, the Tangerang District Court in Indonesia sentenced Reverend Abraham Ben Moses to four years in prison and issued him

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27 February 2018

Bible College Student Testimony: Albert

‘Albert’ is a 3rd year student at the Bible college in Mindanao, Philippines. He will dedicate his life for three years when he will graduate with a Bachelor of Theology. After graduating, Albert may be given a church to pastor or be a member of

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02 January 2018

Helen’s Song

Helen speaks about her experience of imprisonment inside a shipping container in Eritrea and how she remained faithful to her God.

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