“A man really believes not what he recites in his creed, but only the things he is willing to die for.”

— Pastor Richard Wurmbrand

Tortured for Christ [the movie]

Voice of the Martyrs presents the inspiring new movie Tortured for Christ, a cinematic retelling of the testimony of VOM founder Pastor Richard Wurmbrand as written in his international bestseller Tortured for Christ. This movie was produced to honour the 50th anniversary of the book’s release.

Filmed entirely in Romania, including in the very prison where Pastor Wurmbrand endured torture and solitary confinement, this powerful film uniquely presents the story with live action rather than interviews. The dialogue is presented in English, Romanian and Russian (with English subtitles) to hold to the authenticity of this true story.

This film is not recommended for viewing by persons under the age of 15 without guidance from a parent or guardian. There are some torture scenes in the film that children may find upsetting or distressing.

Tortured for Christ premiered in the US in March and will open in Australia in September 2018.

Reviews from the US have been favourable:
“We went to see TFC last night & the movie was packed, which I was thrilled to see. The characters were portrayed so well. It was truly moving and strongly convicting concerning their love for Christ and their persecutors. It was hard to watch in many of the scenes, as it should be. The song “In Christ Alone” drew us all together. Just want to know then the DVD comes out.” – Jenny

“Hope everyone goes to see this! Powerful! Excited to see this amazing book come to life in this film. Help spread the word.” – Sam

Tickets for the Australian premiere will be available soon.

We are giving a FREE Tortured for Christ book with every TICKET ORDER plus a percentage of every sale will be used to help persecuted Christians.

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