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This year’s annual campaign for Bibles Plus has been a success and on behalf of the recipients we want to send you a big thank you!

Plans are well under way for the distribution of Bibles Plus packs for this year and they will go to persecuted believers in Vietnam, Myanmar, China and India. These packs will be tailored to suit the needs of each country, but they will all have one common item in each pack – a Bible.

Generally, a typical Bibles Plus pack will consist of a Bible, rice or noodles, oil for cooking, a mat or blanket, tea or coffee with some additional food items that fit within the budget. It is amazing to see what items can be purchased to fill a $25 pack.

“It is great news concerning the Bibles Plus 2017 campaign. November and December will be a good time to distribute the packs. They will need to be ready in October and in November and December all of our students will go out to mission fields to help our frontline missionaries and persecuted believers and they can distribute meaningfully.” Brother Timothy, Myanmar

VOM were blessed when a church in Sydney sought to do something practical for the recipients of Bibles Plus this year. We produced a selection of black and white Bible bookmarks and the church hand-coloured each one. Each bookmark was printed with a Scripture verse in Vietnamese and were hand carried into Vietnam, making them available for the Bibles Plus distribution. Believers were doubly blessed knowing that every Bible bookmark had been personally and prayerfully coloured in by fellow believers here in Australia.